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I think Clemson has a chance to put a whooping on NC state. And this is a game. I actually made in nineteen and a half twenty range. So I think there's a shred of value on the favourite, but just because I trust and respect Finley so much. I can't leave the point but don't buy into the fool's gold here and be backing NC state. Plus all those points. That's one of my best place to nine. Bass three plays of the weekend. We will go to the other death valley Saturday night where LSU six and a half point favorite against Mississippi. State state comes in off the bye, LSU back-back emotional games against SCC opponents and Mississippi State got something going on the ground three hundred plus against Auburn the week before the by I think Nick FitzGerald to be able to make enough plays with his arms and his legs. And it's Mississippi state's defensive line that takes his game over all the talk about a showdown between LSU in Alabama, Mississippi State spoils that party they cover the six and a half and may even win this game outright. When we look in the NFL. And I know I don't do this often. We'll call minus two and a half. Although I would encourage folks if they have the money on option to do that all the Baltimore Ravens. Why don't we talked about the game a little bit earlier? They wanna try and prove that they're the best defense in the league. I think this is where the saints limited weapons aside from the two running backs and Michael Thomas can rear its ugly. Head Baltimore doesn't get enough credit amongst the AFC content. They prove this week that this team is for real and do so on home turf and the ugly duckling of the weekend. Takes us the Monday night where I hate to do it. But we're gonna have to back the giants guys plus four and a half against Atlanta. The falcons can't get stopped. And if you can't get stops against an offense that has playmakers. It's tough to cover numbers last week notwithstanding where I'm still scratching my head. Why Dan Quinn is kicking a fifty seven yard field goal instead of just trying to run it out. I think the giants they've shown that they're road tested. They play much better way from MetLife stadium and keep an eye on this Atlanta receiving core Calvin really in to new if those guys are out changes a lot of what they can do. He made the giants plus four and a half Monday night against the falcons happy. Wagering have a great weekend. Always a pleasure Janson. You know, what karma? I didn't make Clemson a best bet. So I'll be rooting for your NC state play. If you're gonna put it in that category. I appreciate it. You got Todd Todd Furman always great bet. The board podcast. That's hot Furman on Twitter. Yeah. That is one of my best players. I'll give you the reasons why coming up I've been good in my locks uric and my best place thirteen. Four and one on the year, exceptional car winters. We'll try to do it again coming up. You're going out. Give your best plays. Five hundred. It's okay. It's not good, man. Well, that's better than. Juice that lost the junior, loosen the juice speaking of betting, thanks to bet Chicago Frank Kelley are out here at twin peaks support NAS is always a load the Chicago app today. You get insights into fantasy football betting lines all things sports. Betcha. Cocco don't just watch the games this year. Play the game. Check out that bet Chicago app. We are live at twin peaks and Oprah terrorists are.

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