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Apparently now a blog called a kuda matata but it's just a designed to celebrate judge okuda's awesomeness so you know i hope that this blog is also paying attention as i assume it is to her recent string victory in the supreme court second is i actually think this is going to be something that we might end up talking about with respect to epic because to these cases casella and epic are in areas where the supreme court has adopted a trend or particular path into areas of lock the qualified immunity and at the being arbitration and in those areas you know i think some people might question while should lower court judges kind of anticipating or predicting what the supreme court is going to do even though at the time you think that the best reading of current law is to do another you know there's a kind of interesting debate about whether lower courtroom and ticipant orally overrule supreme court decisions but even where that isn't the case where an area law is you know trending in one particular direction and you think the court is kind of committed to pursuing that aggressively you know is the right thing to do or do you give judge credit for predicting that instead of or in addition to kind of find this law in a no win situation right because through court has gotten mad at judges for ticipant changes in the law and not falling binding precedent but then you also can get reversed if they don't agree with the president so basically you know i don't know do whatever you want doesn't really matter you're not going to get fired either way can't cut your peg but that is interesting did not know about that blog another just a little note i got in the mail yesterday what i think are from rule haiku although there was no note i got two copies of.

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