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Richard bell don't talk to me I want to hear your voice hi guys hi I'm good how are you I'm doing fine not speaking of sailing a lot of people well I would first want to say this is what I'm about to give an intro that's going to lead to my story to corona virus but it actually doesn't have anything to do with it and I'm just doing that to make a connection but rejoice this is my first non covert nineteen story I think a month ago as I was putting it together I don't know if it's because I love the subject of my story so much which I do or just because it's not covered related but I am feel I'm I am field with joy and field with that right now so let me present to you without further ado my pretend intro a lot of people are cooking right now with the whole coronavirus quarantine which means a lot of dishes a lot of people aren't used to doing the dishes three times a day and with that I bring you this server was here Peter Miller washes the dishes after serving us a lunch of homemade soup and bread he's on the Seattle architecture and design bookstore Peter Miller books for nearly forty years and he has a new book of his own called how to wash the dishes how to wash the dishes is literally about how to wash the dishes it's only sideways claim is that it's not a terrible thing to read and it's not a dull thing to read the effect but the people will enjoy it the book starts with Peter's preferred method of dish washing a warm soapy bowl of water in the sink that only rinse dishes get dipped in he prefers a dish cloth to respond since I'm just hold bacteria and a clock can be disinfected with scalding water Peter is writing like the way he talks is a combination of utilitarian information and a very poetic way of finding pleasure in life's most mundane daily tasks it is in a way the finish of a meal it has its own elements of being a final act but it brings the dishes back to the sink you see how well your broccoli did or you see how poorly your squash did but if your thought about the dishes is no thought or if it's a dread as I've heard from lots of people I'd love to have people come over I can't stand the dishes part if you want to learn to cook you also have to learn to clean you have to learn to finish and you have to learn to find immediate pleasures and the pleasures of there the details are there with a little bit of system to how you wash the dishes I think it makes a kind of sense Peter says a sink kitchen counters in the dishwasher should all be empty before you start cooking a meal it's like an operating room and when you leave it you directly we were talking about hand washing dishes but he's not opposed to using the dishwasher some things aren't meant to go in the dishwasher you're not meant to put your knives or your goals or your colander errors or your Wisconsin they're awkward and they don't stack and they take up room in the I think it says in the book the dishwashers express train in your sink is the local it's the one for particular things we all have our relationship to our dishes you are whisked to our pots and pans when I'm doing the dishes I like the ease of swiping a plate with a side the sponge the sponge the Zamboni to my plates ice skating rink but I dread watching my massive here Peter reads an excerpt from the book when you're washing the dishes you may find yourself having strong reactions to particular pieces the way people do with other people summer your type and others not so much there's a place for sentiment when doing the dishes I've used some of my pans and pots for thirty years I know them I know there are things I know their talents I can see where they were dropped they're always the ones to get the best wash top and bottom so how did the dishes work if you have guests over doing the dishes will tell you things and if someone should join you it will tell you things about them as well should you let your company help with the dishes I'm pleased if guests help I'm pleased if they sipped most I'm pleased if they're pleased so whatever I don't care if people want to help give them additional the dish towels this wonderful subtle quiet brilliant ball player in the task of doing the dishes if you choose to buy how to wash the dishes it will come with the book market with this quote you will always have Paris and there will always be dishes go to my northwest dot com slash Rachel bell for a link to buy the book Peter Miller books a shipping all of its books during the shutdown it's off time to go back to work that's it get you a man who can talk about a dish towel like that I love him I love him till he wrote another book that I love love love call at lunch at the shop that is all about taking a break not eating at your desk at his shop for years I don't know if he's still doing it everyone would kind of bring in pieces to make a meal together so you're not eating individual lunches I have a little leftover pasta alive a little scrap of bread and then they would run the pike place because they used to be located over there and just get a couple things to fill it in and make this lunch and sit down together for like fifteen minutes and do the dishes and eat on actual plates and I just think that what he stands for and his small pleasures approach is so tantalizing it's also something that I've noticed about people who are happy yes that they they seem to all have that in common yes yeah well and and presents right I mean he asks he is paying attackers attention to what he's doing while he's doing it as opposed to thinking about five other things right well he's doing a sixth yeah I know I I think people like that I always aspire to people like that and I don't get even in their area now I I mean I try so hard to do but it just doesn't work for me thank you I will handle the funny thing you said about the sort of everyone pitching in on lunch that's the history of the mixed plate in Hawaii yeah because because it was all of the cane sugar cane workers who would all bring individual things from different cultures yeah and that's what makes players such as like we would put these things together like where did macaroni salad come come in this whole thing and and and that's always the history that's like kinda love the idea that there was a tradition there what are the dishes or the pieces in your kitchen that you don't like to watch and what do you like to watch silverware I don't have a dishwasher and I I hate doing silverware because I can't I feel like I can really get it like plates and bowls and stuff I can get in get him done shot you just checking things off the list the silverware I got like a handful of a couple of trying to do a couple of tiring to one at a time that it cleans better than it takes forever all right so I will very often clean today around I think and they were well so four were left over my girlfriend to do yeah I got a couple of recalcitrant pans that said that I don't their resistance to cleaning they don't like it and they things philosophically yes we can yeah we don't like we don't like each other they are a good size they're not worn out yet but something about them we just don't see eye to eye but I would say everything else I actually don't so much mind clean I don't use a food processor I know some people have older ones especially that a kind of a pain to clean air yeah those are kind of terrible to clean so you know I I'd probably maybe might Showtime rotisserie set it and forget it yeah I saw that one that one is a little bit it's not hard to clean but it's just one of the things I'd like you in the civil war I put it off and put it off yeah I'll just let it go as long as I can I don't mind cleaning the dishes but I do not like putting them back and I think this is if I ever could custom build my own kitchen I would do it in a way that would make putting things back easier because I lived in a place once that that did have a kitchen that was built to the specifications of the person who built the house yeah and it was so much easier because things went into places that they were supposed to go when I'm trying to put away Tupperware I get close to suicide but at my old place there was like a nice place to put the leads yeah the Tupperware is sort of a it's a point of tension in our house.

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