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Veterans benefits including the payments to widows of fallen soldiers so here she is now oh she uses peers the wind driven snow greatest patriot on the planet she's four the military my arce tell you my arce say tell you it was she's also opposed measures designed to improve the department of veterans affairs she's voted against a resolution aimed at ensuring benefits paid to tabet ren's and their families that would not be affected by a government shutdown she voted against that you know there were threats of a government shutdown she said not we're not paying the veterans nope new no no no no what a hypocrite is just frederica wilson this is this is the swamp okay she is a swamp creature swamp creature that's what she is you know as you're reading that story i'm thinking i and i don't know the answer to this i wonder how many widows she's accompanied how many you know fallen heroes services that she's been too i mean yeah was this one handpicked oh yeah yes yes and i'm not going to go down the road and tell you why but yes it was yes it was yes it was great question yes it was so that's the story that we're looking at for you this morning on ksfo is near the story the news this has to do with service stocks that if you go down this road you could be deemed very insensitive and politically incorrect but i've just reading the story and i'll share with you now in kosovo chris slab an is the person's name chris laven was in an elevator a couple of years ago with earl okay chris is a woman earl is her yellow lab service dog guys so congress laven a uses a wheelchair chris had a dog dame parole which is a.

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