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Using a new screening process for ID's at some airports nationwide A. B. C.'s Acree quiche you're listening to ABC news a woman is now charging the stabbing the former Ohio state quarterback Terrelle Pryor in Pittsburgh fire was critically injured in the attack early Saturday morning at an apartment the suspect is twenty four year old Chile of wrist and charged with attempted murder while prior who also played for the Cleveland Browns is charged with assault the son of the late Terry Glenn who played wide receiver at Ohio state has died of an apparent accidental overdose Terry Glenn junior was twenty two years old he was reportedly with his family at home in Columbus on thanksgiving day when he was found unresponsive his father died in a crash near Dallas two years ago at the age of forty three a trooper with the Ohio state highway patrol allegedly misused a law enforcement database investigators say Brian breezy of Illyria use the database to look up information about his estranged wife's acquaintances while on duty at least a dozen times prosecutors say the forty nine year old searched for names license plates and other information about his wife's friends after the couple separated he is charged with twelve counts of unauthorized use of property a fifth degree felony I'm a C. Jepson a sixty year old woman is dead after she was struck by a vehicle in the rose lawn area of Cincinnati this weekend the victim had been crossing reading road to get to a bus stop when she was struck there is a recall of meat sold in Ohio bluegrass quality meats recalling more than one hundred and twenty one thousand pounds of pork bacon and ready to eat Turkey products sold in Kentucky Michigan West Virginia and the Buckeye state Ohio due to miss sprinting an undeclared L. widgets the products reportedly containing sorely which is not the clear on the label the Cajun style bacon and ready to eat Cajun style Turkey breast items were produced in various states from October twenty ninth twenty eighteen to number nineteen to twenty nineteen I'm kind of Cornell and I'm Matt Rees your traffic and weather station every ten minutes on that when you need it most mornings and afternoons Columbus's news radio six ten tell your TD and make your home merry on brighter with lows.

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