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We are kicking off the weekend here on the lorry and Julius Show. We are one hour closer, dear in that five o'clock whistle blower, which means we'll go to happy hour And then an hour after that, we'll really get out of here and really take on the weekend. Okay? Looking forward to that I am right. I am because you selected the turf club is are barred, even though it's not open yet, But you know, it's in my mind. It's open. I'm really downstairs at the clown lounge. Of course you are. I love the turf. You know what's a great thing? If you're a first half member like I am, you can go to the cloud. I'm giving away a secret here. But you know, you can go to the clown lounge say like before a show because it opens, you know, before the doors open, right? And then you can be like, Oh, hey, I'm going to go. I'm going to get first in line because I'm a member. And then you can grab a table at the turf club and have a table seat for your favorite show. Yeah, Think about that become a member of first half. Get a table at the turf club. You're welcome world. I know it's a good, you know, Sometimes you guys ever like to go. Sometimes you like to be upfront and dancing. And then sometimes you know, you're like, like at the fine line. Sometimes it's nice to just take it and take it all in at a table. Need a home base? Okay, especially if you're rogue like me, and I like dancing with, you know, strangers going all over the place. I need a place that, like my significant other is going to post at that is going to be like where I rally. Yes. Yeah. Where I get my liquids where I get back out there. My coat. Agree. Totally agree. Okay. Um Zachary Blue people. It is June 11. And if you were one of the people who was learning French while you were watching the five part thriller Lupin, Uh, Netflix did we all watched that I watched to it? Maybe one or two episodes. Okay. All right. Like you Watch the whole five. No, I know it's only five and stars Omar Sy in the home. Thing is filmed in Paris, and it's kind of James Bond ish kind of this way, and but we're learning French, and it's thrilling and exciting. And anyway, the the second season, which maybe it's five again, I don't know drops today, so if you've never watched it And you need a new show. And you like kind of an espionage. Jack Ryan, you know, Mission Impossible. If you like that This is set in Paris, and it is Great. Oh, really? And you're learning French? Yeah. There you go. Call my agent. We were learning French. I'm sure you're retaining a lot of suck like bleach. I've noticed that was one saying that you've got down. So anyway, so that's that's exciting. And then I don't know, Britney. If you're caught up, Did you watch your double Housewives this week? New York? Oh, my Of course I did. And you and I have feelings on that. Okay, Let's just go through this, Uh, did you expect to or maybe you haven't fallen in love. But I know I did. I didn't expect to. But I have fallen head over heels for Kathy Hilton. Oh, my God, I'm Beverly Yellow sauce driving here. She's so quirky. She is the most quirky. Rich white woman I've ever seen on television. It was the amount of trouble she kids into and just day to day. Life is hilarious, and she's so authentic and never wear their glasses so she doesn't even know when they're filming. And the things she says, and she never knows what's going on with the drama and thank goodness because the drama is so ridiculously. Um, it's a nice break from what they're dealing with. Yeah, yeah, caviar. Alton is everything I mean that first episode of Like What She's really quite God. Yeah, you need like a good way anyway, so I know so you like her? I do, too. I love her. I mean, and so she because we're talking about this season. Think about her. She's been married Rick Hilton. I think Kathy Hilton is like 63 64. I believe she's I think she's 10 years older than Kyle. She's the oldest of the Um, because it's it's Kathy, then Kim Richards, who was on house waves, and then Kyle. It's a 10 year difference anyway. But she has been married since she was like 20 or 21. 2 were killed in and they write me of you in Casey. They love each other, like fully through. Yes, she'll say, she said, This is my first girls' trip. I've never left Rick. Why would I leave Rick mean? Rick always vacation together like That to me is bizarre. I mean, well, you are living that life. I mean, yeah, but I mean, I've not been married to somebody for 40 years. It's the same thing where I'm like, two years in and I'm like I could go on a vacation without Justin. Cathy is never like this has been like she is. Worldly but small town at the same time, I know and like she has to have a big box fan when she sleeps like nothing like not like a sound machine she needs I need a big box, and she likes to, um What was she drinking A red bull at like 11 at night in bed, And they were like you know what you're drinking, and I thought it was something else. Yeah, Yeah, she was. It was it was and so Yeah, There's just something wild claims Paris a little bit. Oh, so much So, like there is a down to earth about her..

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