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I record the condition the greater your vergara burn i think we all do and for are are currently recruiter the row on retired hurt regard well it's a very very rewrite the record more more more promote bernard carter who a former they really aren't no i'm glad i you know something this is something i think uh leon you're saying it this morning but i think everybody the everybody feels it i just don't and you know i i was thinking about this last week so's so interesting that you should bring it up this morning last week i was thinking about it and i just think and this is just me now okay i think that we are giving too much money out and it we just feel that everybody needs it everybody needs this this the committee everybody needs that committee everybody needs that advice and i think this is what started long time ago and has never stopped rural rebels problem you're you're correct rather recovered grower richard barker through warren road ground very by remote bird republic firm yeah but you know something leon other states don't do it that way brooke garard outcome other states don't do it that way out or grandchildren of her career a repair reporter fairness they were who regurlarly allied carl rover straight hitter during world her right to worker or and there are roper goeran from dark and they her barrack burgu say let me tell you something uh and i'm glad you brought this up this morning my my my daughter and soninlaw okay took a vacation and guess where they picked for their vacation they went for a four days they pick south carolina and leslie and dan got back yesterday in leslie came over to see me early last night she said dad i have never been to a place like this she said i have never seen i've never seen the costs she said it's just like you wouldn't believe compared to what we pay a here in connecticut and she said everybody is so friendly everybody but that south carolina so i don't understand why they could be issues that the state is beautiful they traveled all over and and i was thinking and i said to her i can't understand why you can have a a state like south carolina where you visited that is not expensive to live but then you come back to connecticut you don't get half of what they've got in south carolina.

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