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Let me look always prologue. Just pull over here in the man thank you. We gotta watch that. Sometimes we need to just focus on like the unknown filmography of one chuck connors who apparently made nothing but bangers as entire career oh women somebody might have found. It might have been all star. Lone star chuck connors that was probably it man whereas film or tv this point on mad at both the same thing man. I don't know. Maybe that's not it. Because i can't find anything anyway people i'll look it up because my friend. I still keep up with my friends. Who are who they. You could actually see one of my friends. Gary roses man. He's in the movie. There's a. There's a a as a gunfight in the middle of the street and you could see gary because gary looks like gares from that one so you would think gears a best bucket act in the world because gary looks terrified face. He's just duncan and shit man and you could tell us a little body right there. We were just kids man so it was so excited. Somebody said no not roses. Gary rowe suss r. s. Yeah man anyway. Well was the oh i was talking about support and i got sidetracked pizza. Report no no. No not at all man because i was telling you guys the reason why i got sidetracked because i was telling you having a viewing party tonight and all the patriot. People get to join us. But of course you've got to be patriot for that. So please join us on pedra warm and toasty hot and butter golden brown a gig crispy with that bitch. Which chris may be tomorrow. Kristen net is really got things for you like merch. Every three months for up to a year and a few other things i want. You all read all this stuff right down going up too much time because we want to move on here a support us on our twitch channel which you're at right now just go with askraf absolutely free amazon prime account why you can also go in and gift us up with that free sub that you have from your amazon prime account and tell you friends tell you family. Tell the dog till the cat follow and enjoy and supporters. Would all this good stuff or doing over here. And people go to merged dot com and get all of our fine. Where's over there. Keep working in that new store. It's a process but we'll get one at some point because wanna put new designs up right. Now go over there and get what we have here. Hopefully soon we'll have more merchandise for you in last but not least if you remember nothing else people. I want you to remember double toasted live in new york on september tenth. Apm roulette into medium. That's going to be all ages show but don't you bring alcoholic as and expect to get a drink. You gotta be twenty one and up to drink. Get your ticket. Set double toasted dot com or go. Excellent entertainment dot com forward slash. Double dash toasted dash brooklyn up in the house and all the vip in all excess tickets sold out. I'm happy to say. I'm not happy for you if you missed that but we do still have tickets so that you can come in watch the show and what is showed to be comedy some interaction with the audience games in some good discussions going on. So we'd love to have you guys join us over. There still gonna have to party but we will have a meet and greet at the show so we can meet and greet you guys there once again. Double toasted dot com to get. Your tickets are goto. Excellent entertainment dot com forward slash double dash. Does it the book and there. You go Somebody says where's the foot corey shirt coming. I need to get that soon man very soon. I have so many things that i want to do. So many things. I wanna design and this just takes too long to the process that store. We're at right now. That's why you haven't seen new stuff. I'm gonna tell you. They did one thing one time. What really got me with that store. And i'm not talking trash about this. Don't ever burn bridges anything. It's just that. I just gotta find nothing bad. They've been very very good to us over. The years is just a couple of things happened one is they made some designs. That just did not really understand audience and get it because they have a whole lot of people to deal with. We worked with a company called broadband in various successful. They work with a lot of great people. And you know just it's more and more they're going to. They're going to get it right but the bandwidth this just a little. Just a little Occupied right now little little little crowded. And that's fine. that's fine. congratulations on success. The also had some shoes. I just did not want to sell in. There will call slides. And they just kind of i said i'm about these like give it a try within know your fans loyal. They'd like they're like this new item up here. It's a new thing store. We saw one pair. And i bought that pair. Not nobody about that shit. Oh no i'm sorry. Are you gonna save that. One pair was embarrassing enough. And then when you've revealed that it was you that was a twisted the blades. I'm not lying to you man. I'm not listening. I'm not allowed to. Because i knew i said. I don't think that people will buy this but okay sure ensure enough nobody about a fucking pair. Not not well. I'm sorry my stupid as did bother higher supply. Yeah man it was yeah. I didn't like those shoes. I got a. I got closet man with a box full of those shoes and like the like double toasted crocs. Someone said this india and the chat. And i totally agree with them red bubble. Have you messed with red bubble at all because it's where a lot of really good communities get to kinda throw all their stuff up there. I'm a big fan. Ordered a bunch of stuff from various things that i can't find anywhere else. You know what. I'm gonna write that down because i've been i've been talking to We're talking about agent about this a lot. We've been on the phone every day about merged especially with the show coming up. You know new york because we gotta get merch made for that. So she's been every day trying to find a solution negotiating with stores out there but almost she knows about this. I'm gonna write this down man who who said that by the way That's a great question. Reveal yourself. I already lost. Oh oh a missile strange right right. She was in toronto. I thought we met her red button. Red bubble rib bubble. See that's why. I got to read it. Done the little mrs. Oh and also on top of that people in Were kind of like. It's my first time going to new york. I'm so excited to see. Everybody wanted to offer this daddy one from new york. If you need any questions or advice on places to stay or the closest access in which trains take feel free to hit me up. I definitely want to make it as easy as possible..

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