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To Clearwater. It's five o'clock. Good morning. I'm Chris Trunk Man raise pushed to the brink. That story coming up first. Let's check the roads. Here's John Thomas from Florida Central Credit Union Home Loans Traffic Center on the roads early this morning. What accident to tell you about? There's an accident in Hillsboro on I 75 South found at Gibsonton Drive outside of that I four from I 75 toe. I do 75 traffic is moving. Well, as is the case on I 2 75 both little bro. Antonella Bay area bridges. Gandhi, Howard Franklin, Courtney Campbell Causeway. No major delays, No major incidents. John Thomas News radio Wofl, another warm home rule. 75 degrees at news radio. The Tampa Bay Rays now need a two game winning streak to win the World Series. Father Glass now allowed four runs in five innings as Tampa Bay drops Game five of the world's Siri's for two to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The right hander on he and his team mates being pushed to the brink of elimination. Yeah, I mean, it's one more loss in Obviously it's not a great position to be in, but I think he's kind of out of all your long and Um, come back before, so just go out. Like normal. The two teams will have Monday off and resume the world. Siri's Tuesday evening with Game six. Blakes now will get the start for the raise in Tampa covering the world. Siri's Steve Kearney, NewsRadio wofl voter Turnout for the November 3rd election is approaching 40% With more than a week left Florida State University political science professor Carol Weissert says they could run a virus pandemic will lead to more people voting before election Day than ever. She says, though it's hard to tell what the early numbers mean in 2020 Democrats, you're going about early and then the Republicans will probably vote later, so I don't think we can make too much of it because I think, too, that the election's going very close, so it's too early to be making any predictions. Early. Voting has begun in all Florida counties, then continues through next Saturday. Election Day itself comes the following Tuesday. I'm John the question Former President Obama will continue his efforts to get Joe Biden elected. The Biden campaign announced that Obama will visit Orlando tomorrow. Obama appeared in Miami on Saturday in a surprise visit to campaign for his former vice president. Meanwhile, a poll released by CBS YouGov shows Biden leading president Trump by 2% in Florida. Which is a statistical tie. Potential.

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