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Really good players, and you're a really nice city. So for sure it's really good news. And I'm really happy way were really nice city right now. Yeah, you know, it's ah. It's a great Yes, I see lots of pictures of the looting and the homeless drug addicts are strewn in the street on da the broken windows on the drug stores. Ah, and I hear the mayor is a peach s O. It's just Ah, beautiful place to to go and play. This is where he is likely going to be, and he loves the team already really is exciting for sure Karen is, you know one of the best player in the league, and he knows advantage and guys like that know for sure. There. A really good team, and, you know, I think they're going to have a lot of success in the next couple years. So for sure it's pretty fun, and he'll be a part of it. So big news for the Rangers. They're you can suck Whatever blue Ah Give the news from college football expected today. The Big 10 in the Pac 12 likely not official, but likely to be at least post boning football season. Maybe they'll play in the spring. Maybe they won't play it all this year. We don't know. Would you want to buy in the spring? If you're seeing a rising senior is going to be drafted in the NFL Now I don't know about that. But I know if I had a chance to be drafted, and it was on the cusp, I'd wanna play. So you know, Interestingly enough, I was thinking about this. You know, Most people think that the Jets and Giants are gonna have terrible seasons and that they're going to be at the bottom third. Word of the of the of the draft in terms of where they pick so haven't seen that before the top third, I should say in bottom third in their in their records, what happens if one of them ends up with the first overall pick? They pick first. And who do they take? I don't That's a great question. You tell me who's available? Who's coming out? Trevor Laurence, a quarterback that Clemson you traded in for a couple of other number ones? I got to see what happens this season, right? I mean, come on. You telling me the NFL's having a season then I'll know better about okay, It's more Sam Darnold Daniel Jones at this point Because he's a year ahead. So we've always actually wanted. He's a year ahead. But he's younger. He's younger. But you know what I'm saying is far we've seen from him. I I can't answer that question right now. If Sam Darnold goes out his injury prone again has a crap season. Then then, yap on the Jets. I consider taking Trevor Lawrence, of course. I don't think Daniel Jones, though, is going. I saw so much from him in that rookie year. I think we kind of forget everything that's gone on how good he was something. You look back on some of those games, man. Sand. Darnell's out of really good stretch to at the end of his rookie season after he came back from the ankle, so I don't it's tough. It's tough to say right now. Well, here is Scott Frost that coach at Nebraska in terms of a season or not a season. He clearly would like one. We want to play a big 10 schedule. I hope that's what happens. Our universities committed to playing no matter what no matter what that looks like and how how that looks. We want to play no matter who it is or where it is. So we'll see how those chips fall. We certainly hope it's in the big 10. If it isn't I think we're prepared to look for other options. And then he goes on to talk about. You know if you wind up canceling the season what door? We open him if we cancel football tomorrow? We're thrown up white flag and saying this can't be done. And if that's the decision that's made will certainly abide by it. But let's let's think about our players and their health and well being for a minute. Do we keep him here? Do we send him home? Where did they go? What do they do? What do I do with him? Some questions still to be answered, and then again, sometimes we should get the official announcement from at least those two conferences on what they are going to do. Going forward Evan Ingram, You just mentioned the giant sigh. He is back with the club think it was foot surgery or they get in the off season or back in December. He's back, though, when he talks about dealing with the virus protocols and how different things are gladly back in the building to be back around football and what my teammates and run around having fun. You know, Speaking of the little ones just lodged a thought the virus there is a story by Jerry Carino on the Asbury Park Press either yesterday or maybe this morning. I'm not sure I saw it overnight. About a woman who is turning 108 years old. She was born at the time of the Spanish flu, and she contracted and beat Corona virus this year at 107 107. Come on Germans, he realized football, dammit! Let's I suppose on then, just quickly from the N ba Lakers. This the last kind of the Lakers beat the Nuggets 1 24 1 21 Kyle Kuzma the go ahead three with under a second ago. Is he shooting over Bowl bowl? And as he points out, it don't matter. Who's there? I was. Jesus could be infront of me Our prize does you so mad at me? Just gotta open. Look someplace that we kind of ran. Um, practice a few times. No prior said that restart and no clothes, have faith in me and just call. Call my number. I got off and he made Anthony Davis had a big firsthand. I also noticed TNT last night. It was quite the different set. You had shack there. No Ernie Johnson know Charles Barkley know Kenny Smith. Instead, it was Vince Carter and Dwyane Wade with shock, And I don't know the host was different set up, but it was still pretty good. Also, the sons beat the Thunder 1 28 101 as they continue to win. Phoenix is six and O as they've played in Orlando. Devin Booker had 35 in that game, and you got the Nets and the magic Today we'll have that for you on the fan just before one o'clock..

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