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Ports. Three other to Southampton Street. In that crash, we hadn't teens pro Route three car versus the deer by 1 13 that has now cleared Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three. Mostly cloudy to start to this Wednesday here in Boston. It's 33 degrees right now, we will make another run at 40. Today, however, it comes with a bit of a catch. It will be mostly cloudy. Throughout most of the day. Today do have a chance of some passing showers. Maybe a few snowflakes as well. Clearing out a bit tonight will drop into the teens and twenties in many locations of mix of clouds and sun tomorrow, again in the upper thirties and Friday, some sunshine and even milder as we get into the low to mid forties. Right now, it's 33 Cloudy in Boston at 605 on the night before his inauguration, Joe Biden leads the nation's morning of more than 400,000. US Corona virus victims, a moving tribute at the National cathedral. There are dozens of people here standing Silently as these bells toll of 400 times. Ah, one per every 1000 dead. And so this crowd here fixated as the Bells tolled here and you can hear a pin drop. It's very, very quiet. As these bells continue to told NBC's Mark Rimmel are there somber Show of light is well outside the Lincoln Memorial and surrounding the reflecting pool 400 pillars of light, one of them representing her every one. Every 1000 covert deaths in America. Gold Light also honors the victims of Boston landmarks. City Hall, Zaken Bridge and TD Garden, all lit up after sundown last night. Researchers are working on a new coronavirus smell test,.

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