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Actually, I'm after that crazy incident and SilverStone where he got hit by Franken Morbedelli's bike and had a severe break of his leg. Tito said he will be back on the bike again in Valencia but not in the race instead in the official season and test. Now that announcement also pretty much confirms what we thought but had. Been made official yet that Tito will in Deby continuing on with the Vinci to Qadi next season writing GPA eighteen Carell Abraham will be his new teammate on a GP seventeen. Savvier Semion will be headed off to Moto e and you know, after one of the most unusual multi bike incidence in a long time. It is really really good to see the Tito is back to the point where he can ride again. Even if he admits that he's not up to one hundred percent quite yet. After what he went through just to see him back on the bike at all is a really really good thing. But one rider, we will absolutely not be seeing on a bike in Valencia that I know of is Casey Stoner because Casey and do Coty have apparently both decided that he will not continue on as their test rider and brand ambassador at the conclusion of his current contract, which presumably finishes off at the end of the air. But I figure since the announcement is already been made. It's not like he's going to that's a magical appearance at Valencia on that bike. You know, it seems like he's been there for really long time as their test driver. But it really has. I've been in believe it or not Casey is only been with Duke Audi for three seasons, but it's really only been to because pretty much all of this year. He's been on the shelf after suffering shoulder injury and testing and having to have surgery on his arm. But, you know, the big Downer in this is that, you know, the combination of Casey Stoner and do Kadi is like the perfect recipe for drama and some of that came to the surface this year when Casey accused the team of not taking his advice on the development of the bike and saying that he wanted to be a test drive or not a poster boy for do Coty..

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