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I noticed that you're using video can is schedule. A call and people are a lot more receptive once. They actually started using a product to talking to sales. Okay and that's what was built after by We we had that before. But we only once we'd one sales rep i who is great but it was just really scrappy and Early so after we sold the broncos also we had you know a number of experienced account Around the world Who were were ready to do that. So it was more developers who had more access to more sales people and instead of limiting the number of times if people can have a call. Okay i see. I see where this is going. And then what got you back into it to to create mucks. Yeah so. I left record after a few years. and say that. It's sort of felt like unfinished business where i saw firsthand. How hard it was to stream video in two thousand seven sawed again in two thousand ten. We helped a little bit two thousand fifteen. I took some time off and like it was arguably even harder for developer to build video dozen. Fifteen wasn't thousand seven Because videos gotten so much more complex so yeah. It felt like unfinished business. There is no one out there really taking a Trying to build a developer first video platform that was more comprehensive than just video encoding. If felt obvious that someone would do it. And yeah and we decided to. You've got back the old team. Yeah so Yep so one of my Founders you've And then to two of the best people we hired as coder. Matt mclean adam brown. So the four of us started mucks together okay and you told her produce. The challenge was video. Transfer video transporting was hard. Also there's now global video delivery at scale and then of course the diversity of devices that just keeps growing and growing android xbox iphone all these other devices and then let's take it one degree further Live videos growing really quickly. Live videos a lot more complex. Even dan on any saw that plan yet. We don't live video with endzone cutter. Maybe in two thousand thirteen and it was. It was hard. It was a lot of work But we built some ingrates but but but the the there is more that needed to be done To make live work. Well all the articles that i saw said that you started out with mucks data was mc stated yet so the first product we actually built was analytics for video streaming. Think of something. Like gra fauna or new relic or data dog. It was it was kind of operational metrics that you need to operate a video platform To understand why an who is it was gonna be a customer. Yeah so the things we track. Are things like airplay back errors. Or how much buffering happening or slow load times Video quality kind of things It's it's think of this way if you're a software developer and you get a job and your job is to maintain or operator improve some existing pieces software. You can't do that without really sophisticated monitoring like if your boss is like. Hey we're having budget cuts which cancel all of our monitoring tools gabon or or observability tools. Like you'd probably leave that job because it's impossible to operate software without really rich stack data but that didn't really exist for video People were streaming. Video are really high scale with absolutely no insight into what was actually happening when history video. Will you doing that because they needed the inside. Or because you wanted the inside Yeah both honestly so week. Sell it because they needed the insight and so we sold the customers like like media companies like discovery and cvs streaming video software companies. Like you to me. And i read it your streaming video though. We built that product as part of a larger vision of building this more comprehensive platform for developers and we wanted that data so we could actually build other video software better in to see what the problems were to see what the use was to see where the opportunity was. Because you see all this data and then to say we can solve the problems. We can jump on this opportunity. That's what it was and then exactly as you were building to build one product with the idea that you would then go and build another. That's that's challenging right. Yeah it's really challenging. I think i think on the one hand. Every successful software company builds products Like you'll see this pattern. People build a great first product. They grow in After gilmore products. That's just a really common pattern in software. Had we did it. We did it really early. Maybe maybe early honestly like we. We barely had product market fit on our first product before we go there second product which was really challenging. Actually and we were a small team. Where like twenty people that was building maintaining both like the analytic stack that powered the super bowl in the last three years and global high-performance video streaming With twenty people at those kinda crazy but But we thought it was anything to do. Literally at the super bowl is a klein. Twenty teen we for the first time we had the super bowl is a client. How did you get so many clients right off the.

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