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Tori, did you see the story about Mike trout and Bryce Harper ending over the Phillies? No. I said I mean what what is that? There was no breaking news sounder now. I mean, come on. There is now there reports out there right now that Philly is trying to get Bryce Harper this year and in twenty twenty one they're going after Mike trout who apparently according to Jon Heyman of the MLB. Now, we're loves back east. He loves that that. Yeah, corridor that's his hometown right jerseys from jersey. Yeah. And that the angels will offer a will likely offer. You know, the that the angels aren't as likely to offer the extension now because maybe trout's not as interested in extending with them that this all of a sudden throws a wrench in everything. If I'm the dodgers like what the hell are you doing here? Like you. Gotta get something done. Yeah. You've got to get to what you've what you've really done is you've subtracted. Yes. Yelp Wigan Matt camp. And you've added a reliever Joe Kelly. This is there's not a lot to excite Najjar fans. No. And we all assumed it was because they were gonna make a play for Bryce Harper. Yeah. And increasingly they're not even being mentioned in these conversations about price. So Jeff passan came. On with me, whatever it was like a week or two ago. And he straight up told me like forget the dodgers and Bryce Harper. That's not happening. And what he said to me was they were going to push back a year and try to go after Nolan our not, oh, which. Yeah. That sounds great. But it is great but Nolan or not splits outside of cores are not great. Okay. He's at two sixty three guy. Batting average only four seventeen slugging percentage. Okay. Right. It's not great. He's a great. He's a gold glove third baseman, regardless. But he is not the same player outside of course, field offensively. Well, it you're stating see I assume that if they do not. Get Harper, and I wouldn't count them out. I mean, there's always like a mystery team. Right, right. There's always some mystery team. And Scott Boris has got his Forty-six page. Summit's summary of exactly what Bryce Harper escape. Right. We know Bryce Harper wants to be here. I I just don't get the sensor going to do it. I have a feeling they're gonna wind up signing. AJ? Pollock. I I do too Thirty-one-year-old. JJ Pollick is cool. But it's not necessarily. It's not Bryce Harper. Right. It's not getting everyone excited. I I would say this winning the off season is never necessarily is never a good thing in baseball. I don't think. No. But I think that when you have a team as good as the dodgers already. And then you can add a talent like that. I think that that's a little different. Because usually these teams that win the offseason are not good teams to begin with. Well, the the one thing I'll say is we live in a town now where we've got guys like Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald and Jared Goff in LeBron James. The dodgers have traded away their biggest most recognizable star import yet because you could say Puig made fundamental mistakes. And he would he would miss the cut off man, and he would be too aggressive on the. But you know, what he was always always fun and exciting to lie. He did the Beto aerobic thing by Instagram. Ing his dentist appointment reason. Oh, did he really have? But only Cincinnati fans are enjoying that now. Yeah. No, no, more dodger fans. Yeah. Yes. See so we're not part of that. We're not part of the Instagram. You know, yes. He'll pre holding a basket full of puppies. Right. Like, a powerful a kitten, and he would do all these goofy aids. Cute funny things, and it was awesome. And now there is no there's nothing. Yeah. I tell you. I just think it's inexcusable for the dodgers. And they're at about one hundred and fifty seven million on the books for his next year. Which is where you think payroll was is it top five still, no. It's probably closer to the middle of the pack and you're allowed to go to to await without hitting luxury tax, right? There's no excuse for the dodgers not spending every last one of those dollars man, especially because they're they're TV deal restrict seventy percent of the damn city from watching their damn games..

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