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KFI it is Bradenton here until ten PM and we are doing have you seen a free counsel so hashtag have you seen a drive through covert nineteen test facility if I don't believe any are right around here I yet but anyway yes some I popping statistics it here in just a second but you know how producer Sam was always telling me you know it it's it's always light after the darkest what's the France that the it's darkest right before dawn end end out in here and as someone said we know with the unknown around the corner I was talking about this last night that unsettling feeling that that you had yesterday and you went out you boarded stuff and all that that's because you don't know what tomorrow brings and that's what I would compare to a deployment we're not add that combats only one tenth of one percent of the eighteen months since the day to day waking up and then one day you realize a week or two weeks into it it's no good worrying about the unknown it's just gonna happen I just got to roll with it and you probably saw maybe today was a little easier than yesterday and right when the starkest we get a beam of light in the beam of light comes in the form of our former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger he is sitting at home and he is imploring the elderly the seniors people over sixty five the stay indoors and feed your manager Icelandic pony and your manager borough which he has in his kitchen eating carrots see the thing is did.

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