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And then Joe Biden's complaining about his staff They keep correcting me Well why don't you fire their asses you jerk What the hell's wrong with you Oh He the Biden The manchurian candidate Then we have the attorney general of the United States He intends to prosecute all crime All crime That he claims will benefit him and his party and the administration Only Republicans commit crimes Only Republicans have a trash past and paraded on the capitol grounds That's right That's right Only Republicans forget about the riots that took place when Donald Trump was being inaugurated Forget about the riots that took place when the Republican National Committee held its convention on The White House ground Remember all that Rand Paul was a solid Remember all that Oh no big deal Supreme Court primary initial decision to sleep They had to put up the riot fence because the Democrats are violent And all the judges remember the judges they said we need more prison to throw all these oh they didn't Oh yes yes all those judges in Washington D.C. they are tough Oh my goodness Crime is through the roof and Washington D.C. murder Rioting violence non mask wears Oh we gotta get those Throw them in Bail reform What does that mean they'll reform It means no bail Means letting people out in the front out the back Defunding the police slashing their budgets riding BLM initials all over town Oh that's so cool They ripped off their donors Where's the Department of Justice as an investigating them Is it prosecuting them I hear crickets I see cockroaches at the Department of Justice but I hear crickets Oh and you know Donald Trump was interfering with an election Oh my God Now the Democrats didn't interfere in 2000 No Not what they did in Florida not what the Supreme Court of Florida did No no no no no You don't understand The hanging chads the chads the Pope they didn't poke They did post the endless litigation Oh and then there was a meeting in the capitol building is required by the constitution and the federal statute And there they are objecting that George W. Bush's in illegitimate president Anybody hold a hearing on Democrats No Because they're not violent Oh yes they are oh no The Democrats Then Donald Trump wins the election Fair and square in 2016 the Democrats are caught off guard They swear that's never going to happen again So they change the voting systems in one state after another especially the battleground states Look we have the virus We need drop boxes Excuse me Dropbox people can't be expected to vote In person dropboxes And so their lawyers are spread out Slip and fall lawyer if they're slip and fall lawyer ambulance chasing law firm after ambulance chasing law firm they they play the governors who are in their party they play the courts that are elected in many cases in the states that are in their party They all work together Can you prove it Mark Absolutely especially in Pennsylvania and states like that And I have day after day Day after day Russia collusion Russia clues a Michael sussman Found innocent By a jury of his peers truly a jury of his peers three of them had donated to the Clinton campaign which he represented One of them donated to AOC the judge was an old buddy of his from Justice Department days Another juror's daughter played on the same athletic team as the defendant And the judge in the case so narrowed the case made a very difficult for the prosecution in a city that voted 92% For Joe Biden against Donald Trump Yes A jury of mister sussman's peers And political Think alike What do you expect ladies and gentlemen Justice Justice Can you imagine a jury 92% Republicans a city 92% Republican should we have all of our federal trials in Idaho What do you think And Utah The most Republican areas of the country Should we do that Especially when especially when we're charging Democrats don't you think that would be a great idea you think you'd hear any complaints about that I think you might But don't worry the attorney general has a grand jury working Because he wants to indict Donald Trump his party wants him to indict Donald Trump his media what I'm doing Donald Trump His children want him to indict Donald Trump And yet he's got the memory of Robert Mueller Have you heard this attorney general speak mister Medusa Another one Another one A new parents out there You got to know your place Just because the NEA and the AFT are teaching your children to lop off their penises why is that a problem When I binary here we're all kinds of things here or to add one Yes yes You're just a bigot You don't understand Just because they're teaching your children to hate if they're one race And if you're another race to accept the hate What's your problem parents And just because they're putting out books in the libraries on the sex trade so your children at least they'll have a profession Please have a profession to profession.

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