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Update now Dave Johnson. You know, my mom always said it's a thinking that gets you the trouble. Yeah, it's all in the mind and think about what things are going well. Like for the capitals of one 7 of a games. Darcy Kemper? Yeah, it's in the mind. You know, being able to get a few wins in her O string those together kind of builds builds a confidence you start to get my winning feeling back. I think just going out there almost expecting to win if you do the things the right way and that's huge for a group and we just got to keep building off that. See what I mean? Believe it achieve it now Darcy Kemper back from injury could start tonight if NATO starts tomorrow and up against the jets. And yes, Alex Ovechkin sitting on 800 goals they play the senators tonight in Ottawa. Now, commanders sending four to the Pro Bowl. Jonathan Allen, Terry mclaurin, butter dress way, and special teamer Jeremy Reeves. Men's college basketball, Virginia tech lost the Boston college George Mason, lost by one old dominion, Howard, another win over mount saint Mary's Maryland women, if either Purdue, Fort Wayne, to the wizards, and as Bradley Beal company, they got rid of that Ted gave losing streak play the jazz tonight. We've been playing with a good basketball, wasn't. It's not moving in blown out and it seems to just come and beat the hell out of us. We know that. We're losing a lot of close games, you notice a few plays here in it, which is how to clean up. Or did you like the World Cup? Well, FIFA reportedly was talking about stage in every three years instead of every four years. Dave Jackson WTO sports. It's now 9 17 at WTO P and a Potomac businessman has been acquitted of charges of conspiring with Harvard University's fencing coach to secure a spot in the Ivy League school for his two sons through a bribery scheme. Jack zhao and coach Peter brand were both found not guilty of all charges by a federal jury in Boston. Zhao was arrested in 2020 when prosecutors accused him of paying brand more than one and a half $1 million to secure two spots at Harvard for his sons as fencing recruits, both brand and zhao denied wrongdoing. They said that mister zhao's sons were academic stars and internationally competitive fencers who obtained admission to Harvard on their own merit. Harvard dismissed brand after the university conducted an internal investigation

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