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Dale. Now at 52, we've got 52 DuPont circle in northwest D.C., brought to you by dulles glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs visit the glass dot com. Love your glass. Up ahead on WTO. A star quarterback reminisces saying goodbye to RFK stadium. I'm Christy king. 6 51. This week on federal insights sponsored by rancher government solutions, here Tom Hans, the director of container security at Rancho government solutions, talking about securing containerized applications. We not only hold the position between each container pair, but we have the visibility into the application and packet levels to make accurate decisions on what guests to pass that demarcation point in live traffic. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news network, search rancher government solutions. When security speed and scale are essential to your mission success, you need a partner who can deliver open-source and cloud native software solutions designed to address the unique security and operational needs of the U.S. government and military. Whether it's in the cloud on prem or at the edge, rancher government solutions offers the leading software stack for teams adopting containers, addressing the challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters at scale while providing DevOps teams within a grated tools for running containerized workloads. Learn more at rancher government dot com. What's the value of House calls from UnitedHealthcare Medicare advantage? A highly trained nurse practitioner does a free exam right in seniors homes. Comprehensive looks holistically at health for medical care to social and other needs. Follow through, support seniors and getting the follow-up care they need. That's why millions of seniors rely on House calls from UnitedHealthcare Medicare advantage. Learn more at UHT dot com slash House calls. House calls may not be available in hilarious. All dearest Carl

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