Lane, Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Quakertown Dmed County discussed on 24 Hour News


Lane then, again ninety five southbound the vine depends landing the two left lanes blocked for lighting maintenance crew on the vine street. Expressway it is westbound from the Parkway into the Schuylkill expressway westbound. Merge you're seeing delays that is just, volume mosquito, expressway, east and westbound right now looking pretty. Good the normal overnight construction work will be setting up after the Philadelphia Eagles game four twenty two westbound jammed solid trooper to oaks left, lane construction work the reason and on the northeast extension southbound. Direction quakertown dmed county overnight construction work in the right. Lane we're also seeing real heavy delays in the Garden. State it's on the forty two freeway southbound fifty. Five the lower landing road that's road work in the left. Lane fifty five at self looking, good no delays onto ninety, five the Delaware river, bridges look good and mass transit is on or close to schedule next update in less than ten. Minutes I'm Jim hub Master in the TruMark financial twenty four hour. Traffic center this is CBS three meteorologist Kate Bilo mainly. Clear tonight with a low of seventy two. Tomorrow mostly, sunny with a stray afternoon shower or storm most areas are dry behind ninety Saturday though mainly cloudy with scattered showers. And storms at any time the high only eighty three Sunday a. Mix of sun and clouds high eighty, five with, spotty, afternoon showers or thunderstorms Monday is mostly. Cloudy with showers and storms high eighty seven and on Tuesday humid with sun and clouds high eighty five and again a shower or thunderstorm, possible eyewitness weather updates eight times every hour on KYW NewsRadio. Our eighty five degrees scattered clouds going down to seventy. Two came into the news time nine fifty four New. Jersey Governor Phil Murphy vows better communications from New. Jersey transit after last week's surprise announcement that the Atlantic City. Rail.

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