Second Amendment, Federal Law, Nuclear Weapons discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Good point because states have the power because the truth is states are not covered by the second amendment under the constitution states have the power to outlaw right i think they should also have the power to outlaw thumped stopped because while they are going to outlaw bump stocks and fact in fact even though you can get at least theoretically an automatic weapon as opposed to a semiautomatic weapon through the federal approval process in it's quite arduous some states have outlawed automatic weapons altogether so the federal law does not even apply states have outlawed automatic weapons altogether handful of state are you for that my for that now and not why all right thanks for your call i don't know how many more times i can talk about this how many people have been slaughtered with automatic what the overwhelming vast majority of american people are killed with a handgun i handgun you want to keep outlawing things you can outlaw handguns next he can to outlaw forty calibers 45 calibers what are you going to do why we can follow this to its logical extreme some mark people should own nuclear weapons so i don't think people should own nuclear weapons i have no problem with states outlawing people owning nuclear weapons it doesn't bother me in the least i just pointing out the bumps stock out one of the bump stock it's gonna make the politicians feel good it's gonna make kevin feel good it's going to make a lotta people feel good and it'll be a temporary feel good because it's not gonna stop a mass murder all mass murders prior to this time did not use a bumpster this guy was conniving.

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