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From runner for the vacant Supreme Court seat is getting time at the White House. The Hill reports Judge Amy Cockney Barrel met with President Trump on Monday before his campaign trip to Ohio. She's one of five women. Trump is considering nominating to the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg seat during a campaign event in Ohio. Trump talked about how important his decision is Supreme Court justice, most powerful, most important, you know, when you become president, they say, This is the single most important thing. Trump said He could make a decision as early as Friday. Ginsberg passed away Friday after serving nearly three decades on the high court. The Louisville Metro Police Department's Professional Standards unit is investigating six officers for their roles in the shooting that killed Briana Taylor. The probe could lead to punishment for the officers, including losing their jobs. It's separate from the Public integrity unit's investigation, which has already sent its findings to Kentucky's attorney general. But a decision on whether to charge the officers hasn't been announced. Yet. Tropical Storm Beta is moving closer to the Texas coast. A storm surge warning is in effect from Iran to spay to Galveston Bay, which means there could be life threatening rising waters. Meanwhile, there's a tropical storm warning from Port Aransas, Texas, up to Morgan City, Louisiana, General Electric will build no more power plants that run on coal. Tom Roberts has Maur. The company made the announcement on Monday. The move is driving G in a different direction after a much scrutinized $9.5 billion deal five years ago. That's when she bought all strums power business that made turbans power by coal. However, many power workers have been laid off since then, and to CEOs have been let go. Tom Roberts reporting the late congressman John Lewis has now featured in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. A portrait of the civil rights icon is positioned so he's facing former president Obama, the gallery director, said It was painted this year and Lewis got to see it before he died in July. I'm Brian shook A federal judge is rejecting President Trump's lawsuit against Nevada's expanded mail in voting plan. U. S. District Judge James Mehan ruled that the Trump campaign does not have standing to represent Nevada voters. He also said the Trump camp has not proved allegations that the expanded mail in voting plan threatens to prompt constitutional harms. The Nevada lawsuit is one of a number of legal challenges Republicans are making in states that are planning expanded mail in voting in November's presidential election. Authorities in Oregon are accusing at least six men of intentionally setting fires in the States devastating wildfire season. Michael Kastner reports from Portland, according to reporting by the Oregonian. There's no evidence the suspect you were motivated by politics is conspiracy theories claim the newspaper reports. One suspect was found setting fires in late July because a member of a local forest protection group wouldn't give him a ride. Another was arrested in late August after threatening to burn down a small town. His girlfriend broke up with him. Ah, homeless man is accused of setting a string of brushfires along an interstate in the Portland area earlier this month. One of the women president Trump is reportedly Considering as a pick to replace late Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a South Florida native Riko Shil has the details. Barbara Llego Ah federal jurist in Miami born daughter of Cuban immigrants, is a favorite among the state's Republican leaders Governor Rhonda Santa's appointed logo to serve on the Florida Supreme Court shortly after taking office last year. She vacated the bench when President Trump appointed her to the 11th U. S Circuit Court of Appeals. Ellen did generous, says it's the start of a new chapter for the Ellen Show Today, the talk show host directly address the allegations of a toxic workplace environment and said she's made the necessary changes to staff and workplace culture. Ellen apologized to those who were affected on set as well as her fans. She said she's committed.

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