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Six year old, mother Roberta McCain will, become only the thirty. First in one hundred sixty six years to lie in state in the. Capitol rotunda for others have, had their bodies lie in honor including the Reverend Billy Graham and Rosa Parks there will be a service for. Senator McCain at the National Cathedral in Washington tomorrow where former presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama we'll deliver eulogies McCain will be buried Sunday at the US naval academy in Annapolis CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez KCBS news time five thirty two for more we're joined now on the KCBS ring central Newsline. By Margaret Brennan CBS news senior? Foreign affairs correspondent and moderator of face the nation Margaret the ceremony to, bring the body into the capital begins in about ninety minutes and then also the significance of the, eulogies being presented by President Bush, and Obama tomorrow at the at the cathedral what is the significance of that you have so many. People turning out We have had a little trouble hearing that see if I can reconnected Margaret Brennan Margaret are you able to hear us I can hear you can. You hear me now we've got you go ahead we're sorry about that This is a kind of, pomp and circumstances ceremony you typically see for a head of state but this John McCain served the United States for about sixty years his family says both in uniform and then in congress where he was. There for decades representing the people of Zona and really the fact that he has to Ben who defeated, him and both. Of his bids, for the presidency Barack Obama before that George W Bush as the two main speakers honoring him at his funeral says a lot about the kind of symbolism and thought put into this process Senator, McCain plans this ceremony himself and this. Is said, to be a real attempts to emphasize that bipartisanship and putting country above party. Is something that the United States has, been, capable of and should be capable? Of right now even. In this incredibly contentious partisan? Environment of course. The elephant. In the room here Here is the one who sits in the Oval Office President Trump and you can't help but notice that the way this thing was set up, and Mr. Trump's reaction since the word. Of Mr., of Senator McCain's death last weekend That's right the two men didn't disagree just on policy this very personal in terms of the attack that President Trump is a candidate, made on Senator McCain, and of course you never quite forgave the fact. That Senator McCain gave the thumbs down the decisive vote in defeating President Trump's attempt to repeal ObamaCare and, so this this is. Something that was quite bitter but for Senator McCain he really didn't parse words in that last book he wrote. Culture of restless wave of large part of that is. Dedicated to what she wants, to refute which is this tribalism this. Native is this anti immigrant sentiment that he says is just fundamentally un-american and its tone in its tenor and that is something that he has characterized the president and so. For Senator McCain this is not just personal for him it was a really at the federal to the to the idea of the US So it is pretty remarkable that you have a Republican is revered is Senator, John McCain so at. Odds with a Republican president the head of that party it encapsulates for many the kind of divide that you. See within the conservative movement right now Margaret I'm an. Eternal optimist and I keep, hoping the ceremony in these displays of. Grief will prompt some kind of change or renewed civility amongst politicians on the hill I think we may have lost her once and for all here Not quite sure what happened, with our, connection but we we. Do apologize for their Margaret Brennan CBS news senior foreign affairs correspondent she's of course the moderator of face the nation. Seen on KPI five and heard here on CBS on Sunday mornings this Sunday's broadcast will include an interview with former secretary of State John. Kerry who of course also served in the Senate which on McCain and, as we pointed out earlier today brings capital ceremonies for, Senator McCain there is a funeral service tomorrow at the National Cathedral and then his actual burial on. Sunday at the. US naval. Academy KCBS news time five thirty six it's. Jamie, progressive's, number one number. Two employee leave a message at. The hey Jamie it's me Jamie this is your daily pep talk I know it's been rough, going ever since people found. Out about, your.

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