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The attack on the U. S. Capitol is in a San Diego federal courtroom this afternoon. I'm Marilyn Haider in the Cocoa News Center 33 year old Geoffrey Alexander Smith was taken into custody Tuesday by FBI agents and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The FBI says Smith is charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and entering a restricted building is being held at the Metropolitan Jail downtown. The FBI is encouraging the public to contact them with any information regarding the attack on the Capitol. You can call 1 800 Call FBI. Or you could go to the website tips dot FBI dot dub the chief of the U. S. Capitol Police is calling for permanent fencing around the Capitol building in the aftermath of the January 6th riot, the acting chief of U. S Capitol police Yogi Ananda Pittman's his vast improvements are needed to physical security, including permanent fencing and available ready backup forces in close proximity to the Capitol. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has appointed retired general Russel Honore to review security infrastructure, including command and control following the January 6th breach. Previous law enforcement and security officials have also recommended enhance security. Congress's rejected permanent fencing. Temporary fencing has been up around the capital since before the inauguration as Sharon Halpern reporting health insurance company will oversee the distribution of vaccine doses two counties in California the state has reached a deal with Blue Shield of California for the company to oversee distribution of vaccine doses. Two counties pharmacies. And private health care providers. The decision marks a sharp turn away from or decentralized process that has been criticized for inconsistency across regions of the state and the slow effort to get everybody vaccinated. It will also mean the outsourcing of tasks that until now have been overseen by state and local government officials. 1st 22 million Americans have been vaccinated for covert 19 and so far so good, Even though there's been a few reactions to the vaccine, doctors that script say the vaccines pose virtually no allergic risk. Dr. Ron Simon, an allergist with scripts Health in San Diego, says only 4 to 10 people out of every million have a suspected allergic reaction to the Fizer and Moderna shots. Way below any normal allergy with no correlation to other allergies. My group lead in particular, another allergists looked at all of the supposed allergic reactions that happened. It's scripts and all of these supposed alleged allergic reactions that occur that you CST vaccine superstation, and actually, we really couldn't find any that our allergic criteria were actually truly allergic reactions that scripts in San Diego every person way suspected allergic reaction to the first vaccine dose. Gone, receive their second shot with no issues. Jack Roman Cooking news. Now up 330,006 03, the S and P 500 up 36 Now at 103. Let's check Coco's real time Traffic with Laura Cane from your helpful San Diego Honda dealers. Traffic center stalled out vehicles north down Adle. Five at the aid is blocking the connector road in north.

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