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It's like okay. That sounds like it was does. She love your leg. Okay perfect so let me float away Ryan. Doing good is slow down exactly what this event does everything. You know that we do what we're talking about. You know we have at the end of the event. We have the good bad and ugly list okay everything of the event gets measured by the the good bad and ugly and I go back to my sponsors and I have to own my uglies okay and we've we've had though yeah also yeah and so we try to really strive each year to have a lot of goods you know like <hes> one example. We have these dance performers performers. They're amazing they dance they perform on Saturday night and they're all the performers are on the stage and the first time they did this. They scared me okay because they're all there dancing a lot of sun performance or coming off the stage and grabbing kids and taking them up on the stage the next thing I know the stage has been taken taken over by the audience and all the performers are the dancers for in the audience and this. I've you know as we were done. I was getting ready to walk. Walk up to the stage to make announcements and this young little autistic grow came up and hugged me and just said this was the best day ever and I went okay. That's it. That's why Oy I do this. That's why put myself through this is so that we can have young children perform on a stage. That would never have a chance to do it and it's just it's such an crate event and now we've got Michelle Dillon. You know something that's so leading edge just going to blow people's minds Tom. So when win on away tells the story well well. I you know I think I'm going to shift a little bit. I I really WANNA. Tell people people because you know I'm a connector. That's something that I enjoy. I feel like I do good with that and you know I do. I don't know yeah <hes> but that part. You gotta be really feel like I should talk about the think tank <hes>. It's something that we just started <hes> about five months on S- ago or something like that so we have once a month and we just meet up and we it's. It's a more engaging environment. We right you you know different ideas on the board and things like that and then we just go into just really fun brainstorming. It's Possum I love it. I love it. I love it so much and and you know we've had a couple people that have have come and they actually have projects that they're working on and things like that and we actually have solved problems for them. You know so much like and we go all over the place like you're you should come sometime. I think you really really enjoy as a matter of fact. Give a really cool even to do a podcast like. I figured it'd be fascinating. We're there because we like. We have so many different every month the same time it's the third Tuesday of the month and then you know <hes> we we usually capita about we usually have about fifteen people there Max and so I make sure <hes> evening around yeah we we start at six thirty and it's just it's fascinating fascinating and the only thing that I ask is that it has something to do with disruptive technology or some tile like so we got you know we talk about aliens or a the I this and that and it's just so much fun that that to me is you know von sits really cool next mind expanding yeah but we know I mean you don't have to whisper land. Lynn Lynn Lynn Co Burn Ladies and gentlemen is the think think-tank is a higher perspective. The first time I went I walked out of there and just oh these are really brilliant thoughts you know and some of the solutions that they were coming up with it was like Oh wow I one of my favorites actually was <hes> so it's <hes> <hes> so in the blockchain we have what's called a seven twenty. One else sits a non fungible token basically what it means is. It's <hes> a way to write contracts wchs and and put it on the blockchain. Okay so it with me. I guess you can't go there. I'm kind of their contracts. Drink not quite the same as the contract with the lawyer but it's similar it could be it could be could be so very good <hes> so we came up with an idea to do like like a donation base where where <hes> like for example one of the things that I thought of after we had the think tank was because I ran into this lady that does <hes> <hes> coral reef restoration or you know she helps with the coral reefs and so I thought Oh that would be brilliant to have you know an adoption a AH blockchain adoption <hes> system or protocol where somebody can adopt a coral reef and then we just <hes> keep people updated through the <HES> <hes> through the contract and then that way we can see the growth of the of the <hes> coral reef anyway anyway. I know it's really it's really really really fun so that's that was. I think that is the that is the essence of this. Show is taking the technology that we have in making it for a better. Eh that is used for a better world beautiful yen betterman signing up for the world yeah you guys definitely social weaponary and when when we have the next one sure absolutely it's August Twentieth Twentieth August twentieth. Were there were there Ryan. We got market down the calendar impact hub no <hes> sumner. I don't think so sumner sumner don't know is that that's like a name linked prince right okay. Let's get this is so fun. We're kind of running out of time. <hes> let's just jump straight to what's a what's something you could give our listeners to that. They can take take away and do or an action items in something that our listeners can our listener listener the peop-. The person that is listening out there that needs to hear what you're fixing to tell them weeks for that really work on we started out with the topic you know gaining perspective and making the impossible possible and and so I think a lot of people are really asking how do you make the impossible possible right and so I was in this yoga class and that's exactly what it was. Yes <hes> do those. Yoga instructor sat me down and said listen. You'RE NOT GONNA do it all at once. You'RE GONNA take small small steps and you're going to practice and you're going to have a discipline and each day. You're going to get closer and closer to making. And what was impossible today possible in several months and so when we take a look at you know it was impossible at one time time for this balloon festival comeback. Nobody thought we would ever have this event back in the valley and we made it possible and you know it was just really getting kidding really clear about what division was and what my hurdles were and to go through each hurdle and you say okay. Here's the hurdle and you don't do it alone. You do it with the team and that team is so strong that you have no choice but to succeed so you build a team around you and can you make the impossible possible. I love it. I love it love it that is so cool and going with the thing with balloons I I lived in Albuquerque for a little bit albuquerque small little bitty by farm right and <hes> one morning I woke up and I heard there was like ten balloons fried chest like it. Oh Yeah you're pretty good do that next to see what it does so anyways my window what does that and there's this blue Bam acid rain on my window and it was just amazing so and I I had a chance to go on a balloon was little tied or tethered and I was grateful for that because of ways though okay anyways so the experience is it you're you're providing is amazing is really all inspired by the balloon so frazier L. It is there's just nothing like it again. I just love this connection. Connection of Youtube is this disruptive new technology and taking something so unique and different from that world and meshing them mm together for awareness that you guys I'm telling you it's pure genius thank you that is amazing. It's cool. I thank you I love it. Can can you tell them excited thinking so cool here thinking for years. How do we get this out? There haven't had people to see that. It's not really that hard hard to do it. It's not that hard now. You're the have your bitcoin on a piece of paper. People don't realize it it can be a little piece of paper is the anyway we don't want him but it's about education and awareness you know. Where do they get the education? Where did they get the awareness? Where do they get the the knowledge of how so so why not make it real life? Yes exactly coolest part of what your mission is to make it more. You know I just want people to be more comfortable with it. Being around you know and it's you know it's not going anywhere so I think to answer the all answer the question <hes> real quick to <hes> so that not in the way. I'll sorry we're having some lighting leading issues yeah all right so I think that might my challenge for the listener would be <hes> you know have an open mind <hes> like I said you know things are changing quickly. This isn't going anywhere. BITCOIN already been around for ten years <hes> it's been through thick and thin and <hes> it's also worldwide and we're actually a little okay especially here in Utah. Were really really far behind. <hes> Zoli Yeah I saw behind well. Technology was well. I mean yeah well yeah and that's the thing that I'm always like why are we you know <hes> so again. That's I believe that we can kind of work nation. Yeah Yeah Knowledge Yeah exactly <hes> you know people in other parts of the world I mean when you talk about <hes> banking the bank I mean there's so many different different subjects that are just profound in this world in the space of so have an open mind you know if if I come up to you if your food truck who were your retail owner and I say hey do you accept bitcoin because I do ask that very often <hes> cow and Tuesday yes most of the time people say no or are they what surprised when they say you have. Have you ever been surprised <hes>. I think you know not necessarily surprised because I do know. I actually happen to know that there's like. I already cut coffee.

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