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Buffalo New York facing charges for hitting two officers with an S. U. V. during a protest two men charged after allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails into a government building in apple valley Minnesota a resolution by Senate Democrats numbers condemns the president of the United States for ordering federal officers to use gas and rubber bullets against Americans who were peacefully protesting in Lafayette square in Washington DC on the night of June first thereby violating the constitutional rights of those peaceful protest Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer the democratic resolution failed so did a Republican resolution calling for dressing police violence against black Americans you're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed the como afternoon news good afternoon come news time at three OO to downtown Seattle cloudy skies and sixty four I'm Lisa Jaffe with Rick fansites and here's what's happening I'm supposed to look another March in downtown Seattle today protesting the death of George Floyd it was organized by the Seattle symphony and opera players organization and started at eleven AM they went from Benaroya hall to McCaw hall at Seattle center Marie's Coleman was one of the few black people in the crowd that was overwhelmingly white the protest remained peaceful plan the marchers even obey crosswalks and traffic signals I'm C. Romero congressman Adam Smith heads the house committee that oversees the military in response to the president vowing to send troops to cities where violent protests have happened I have concerns with the militarization of of this conflict Smith is calling military leaders before the committee to discuss their role during protests I'm Charlie harder Pierce county has submitted its request to enter phase two of this the pre opening plan an answer from the state health secretary likely sometime this week today king county is making its formal request to modify what can be done in phase one allowing for limited business in retail this comes as Thurston county says there's been a spike in cases traced to a nursing home I'm Brian Harris with the latest review of the state's economy which no surprise shows everything down significantly mostly because of the cold with crisis but exports down six straight quarters blamed in part on the hall to the seven thirty seven Max deliveries in the trade wars personal income could be down thirteen billion dollars from what was forecast in February even with unemployment and stimulus payments some lawmakers say they need a special session soon to start making budget cuts and detectives in Bellevue say they've arrested a suspect after the deaths of two people police say they responded to a domestic disturbance late last night in northeast twenty second place near bell red road.

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