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Yeah. We are in the man cave. Man, cave means that we are talking some sports here because the world is sports allows us to escape sort of. Right. Not always. You have to have a law degree honestly to cover sports these days. It's just as bad as everything else. But if we were in the man cave. What would we be talking about what you're talking about the NFL? And you know, we have this nail the scores thing if you don't know on Wednesday into Thursday in the last segment of the first hour, a you get to nail the score. Which means I picked the game of the week. You tell me what do you think's gonna happen? What's the final score going to be yada, yada, and some money wins? Hopefully, you don't win. There's always the winner because we draw names and send prizes to people. So with you play. There is a great chance you probably will win. And you just have to call us up or send me an Email with your guests during that segment because it wouldn't be fair to everybody else. Who's up hanging around doing that nail the score thing? It's fun. It's like having a Cup of coffee, and grabbing some Keno numbers when you're in Vegas or whatever playing bingo at the church, you're picking numbers, you know, anything about football. If you look at the scores for goodness sake. You know, exactly. Very strange week in the NFL. I mean, really strange including the Dallas Cowboys are really fumbling and stumbling at against Seattle, no less and that was one of the late games. Seattle beats the Cowboys at home twenty four to thirteen. So they're one and two because they were in the hall. The Cowboys are also wanted to but big difference. Russell Wilson tasks for one hundred ninety two yards and two touchdowns. And on the other side of the ball Dak Prescott not breaking much of a sweat. When it comes to what he did passing wise. It was a really tough game for Prescott one hundred sixty eight yards passing. He was sacked five times. There was a lot of hurries Russia's all that kind of stuff. And really was not a great game. Here is what? The coach of the Cowboys had to say when it was all said and done. Here's what Jason Garrett had to say about passing and efficiency starts up front all the time. Obviously with our building to protect and give ourselves opportunities. You gotta went outside. You gotta make right decisions throws and catches. And.

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