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Dodgeball, is football has to meet your targeting the guy with the ball. Oh, Helen unfair. Why not somebody else, right guy with the ball for tackle everybody, for travelcenters of America? Here's your forecast, showers and thunderstorms in the mid Atlantic yesterday, and in the northeast through New York City and Boston are moving off shore. We'll see clear and pleasant conditions for that region today with Boston at seventy five Philadelphia's Eighty-three today and clear skies. Most of the south remains drenched. From portions of eastern, Texas all the way over to the Carolinas. We'll see Atlanta at seventy eight under a chance of thunderstorms through the day that extends down into southern Florida, the desert southwest will be dry. Portions of the Pacific northwest from Seattle over to Montana, and then southward into Utah will experience showers today, and perhaps some snow in the higher elevations of the cascades, Sierras and northern rocky. He's sunny and eighty three for Dallas. Today, mostly sunny and Kansas City Eighty-three, the high Phoenix, Arizona sunshine, one hundred one there's a lecture national forecast from Red Eye Radio. I'm meteorologist, John trout. We. Damn beer, the beer home team party XP realty. He believes he always have options. So when you meet with the beer home team, they give you the option of a cash offer, or you can sell as.

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