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Just sort of like real shaky and obviously committing some kind of, hey, drawn out Harry Carey, but even that like everything is so nebulous, this movie, which I kinda, I kinda love even though there were times where I felt like it went on a little too long. There's a beauty of nebulous knows. There's a beauty of not giving people the whole enchilada visited. I think some of the greatest whom experiences have an aspect of endurance to them and not necessarily dunes beings, sunny tests, but just than just. Just experiencing in a smooth way where you actually feel like you have had to work to get them. I went to a secret twenty four hour marathon in New Zealand few are and like twenty four hours by texting twenty five, five hours. And dog know what the next film is. Just dad wanting to know paying attention. And by the end of it really didn't feel like a religious experience because it was kind of like this film way just didn't quite know what was coming next. You feeling completely punished and you like, I should just like go and make a Cup of tea, likes lie down or something, but you still just like. Our sixteen or in this case, oh, my God of only been what's news for twenty minutes. But by the time you get to the end, you like, yeah. Okay. Yep, we do that. We did it. And you know that there's something very late Arturo way, very theater cooled, cruelty to me about that approach to art, which I have huge soft spot for love our toes. And I love films that that sometimes do push you. And I mean not push away like it's Michael bay and you're like, Jesus cries. What did I do deserve this bullshit, but but push you in a way where you're like, I like, I don't know what's going on. I love this. I hate it, but it makes you think it makes you feel something and I know anybody that's head to take a film class or known film theories like there's always that first thing with anything experimental is like, what does it mean? We gotta we, it has to mean something. We gotta define everything and I sometimes like approaching are just being like, no, I'm just, I just want to take this is purely as possible. I don't. I don't need to justify liking something by being like, well, everything has made. I mean, I think there is meaning here, but maybe there's not. And I'm I'm kind of fine with that. It's sort of like. Religion, you know, maybe maybe something exists. Maybe it doesn't, but it's okay. You know, it's. Sibley is this one I, it's funny, I would you say about it being horrific shopping, and they was like so many things of his reading was like, oh my God. No, it's visual, intense violence, and they'd like that. And I, I, I kinda didn't notice that. Sometimes I'd like I really do what a little bit stuff stuff because I just like I didn't notice the horrific aspects of these just seemed really quite straightforward and simple in. It's I don't even know what the word being when I went back and we watch that it's in the last week in what teen Kim pool. Last week I was like, all, you know, actually, that's that is really horrific what they do instead person. But because the images star disintegrated, it's like I just I experienced it as an image. One would still does convey information and some shock, but it was. Like there was so many Liotta's between me and the experience and has like, that's like the old techniques at all. These extra lives to the moon lies that place between the regional reality in the presented image, the mole possibilities has take on meaning, and I'll feel like this film takes on mania white. That a bandage wound takes on gangrene kind of Festus within a at Kanda spills out. He kinda may be, don't even want to like touch the gangrene is meeting because it's the what it's going to do..

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