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In the heat of the afternoon, a surprise helicopter rave on the jungle. Ca-came the bar Colombia's anti-narcotics police. This country may have just ended its fifty two year old Marxist insurgency, but it's still fighting the war on drugs. Cocaine production is now it's an old time high much of it heading to Europe, including the UK onto the plane. We're just lined to by helicopter short-distance away brought in the middle of coca field. And this here is the bar Che, fully oppression jungle Bartram smell it in air. They're going to destroy it, but they're very wired about a counterattack from the people who operating. They think they're gonna, come try and hit them. In areas where the rebels have put the weapons, the government is struggling to such control, but some an estimated six hundred to fight home a, meanwhile, the multibillion dollar could Cain industry is fueling criminality and pulling in the ruthless Mexican cartels narcotrafficking illegal mining, contraband, extortion, general Alberta. Makiya is commander of Colombia's armed forces. So our fight against spaghetti narcotrafficking, which is the source for for those groups is really our. Our main effort us lawn as there is coca and cocaine does groups will have. Support to continue their fight against them, okra see, and to continue the fight against civilian population. Just off the Caribbean coast henna. The navy took me off shore to shaming how the cartels operate. They point to nearby island. It looks long, low and sparsely inhabited. The Colombian navy. Tell me that this island just outside Hannah. Hoban is crucial to the cartels getting cocaine out of the country. They use the local population to transferred by night often slinging it on the container ships as they move out into the open water. It's a massive international container terminal culkin's routinely searched the sniffer dogs. Some policemen's trustee metal probes into sex could beans to check for hidden contraband. The coastguard come onto Rian. Qantas is one of those trying to intercept the smugglers in foreign Marissa inside that board to to get the information about the location of the containers and destination. Sunday mass in tomorrow, right down at the other end of Columbia on the Pacific coast, it's a poor economically, neglected part of the country, and there's a full congregation. This is also the epicenter of the drugs tied and the priest, father anew for Meena has been imploring the government to beef up security this summer. It has flooding this coca growing region with twelve thousand troops fell. The Meena doesn't think it'll lost black ZUM militar it ahead theory action. It only temporary. It stops and then the murders return. As soon as the military dropped their guard little, the people start to fight. Again, it's it can very solution. We need socially. Polit from Columbia by Frank Gardner next to an extraordinary story from Japan where a medical school has been accused of changing test results to reduce the number of women. It accepts a Japanese newspaper said, the practice began at Tokyo Medical University in twenty eleven of the number of successful female applicants increased to about forty percent identity. How small Tokyo correspondent Rupert, Wingfield Hayes. This is an investigation done by large Japanese daily newspaper, and they have sources inside the university who they say have hold them that starting in two thousand ten, eleven the universities entrance exam was manipulated deliberately to reduce the schools of female applicants. So apparently across the board, female applicants test scores were knocked down by between ten and twenty percent so that the number of women entering the university would never exceed thirty percent of the student body. And why would it want to do that? When. Seeming to do well at the exams. Again, this is a coding to Sosa's inside the university administration. This was done because there was a feeling in the university administration that female medical students often do did not go on to practice medicine. All those that did often dropped out offer a few years when they got married when they started a family. And so they felt like they were not good long-term prospect. Now I should add that this is a private university and it supplies doctors to a number of affiliate hospitals. And so the logic of this, if you like, if there is a logic to it is that they needed to keep the the pipeline of reliable doctors going to these hospitals going. And that's why they wanted to keep majority of men in the university..

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