Cavenaugh, President Trump, Brett Kavanagh discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


I'm Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM seventy clear and sunny out now on Colorado's morning news. President Trump's top pick for the US supreme court wants a chance to defend his integrity. Judge Brett Kavanagh is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman the early eighties. She came forward with her story in recent days, and in a statement just released from the White House cavenaugh calls the allegations completely false. He also says he's willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary committee to refute. The information. Legal expert Bill Berger says the accusations could spell trouble. Now, these allegations came in and they took they took on some gravitas some seriousness that had been they came out of nowhere. An attorney for the accuser appeared on NBC's today show this morning saying there's been quite a backlash will receive a lot of very vicious sexually violent emails from total strangers. And of course, that's extremely unsettling. Her attorney Debra Katz. Cavenaugh came out this morning saying it was a completely false allegation. He also adds that he's never done anything like the accuser describes in the Carolinas. This morning. Cleanup is underway from hurricane Florence. But there's even more concern on the horizon is rivers rise from torrential rain. The storm's aftermath Norman Bryson is in charge of the emergency operations for Onslow county in North Carolina. We have tremendous amount of storm surge and flooding the has gone around our county we've actually hit hit record level flooding over twenty five twenty seven feet of flooding in our rivers, President Trump plans to visit the storm ravaged areas in the coming days back here. Closer to home crews are working to get a handle on some late season. Wildfires KOA News Radio is Connor shreve. News live with what's left of those. Yeah. We're still seeing that high fire is mostly because it's just so dry and that was shown over the weekend on I seventy I should say last night. Westbound lanes near the Eisenhower tunnel closed down because of a semi truck fire. Meanwhile, the Silver Creek fire near Kremlin grown to more than eleven thousand acres that was started by lightning back in July. But now, it's jumped containment lines. Three new neighborhoods in grand county have been placed on pre vacuous in at least two hundred homes in the park and gore community still evacuated. Reporting live, Connor schrief.

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