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No Oh you need to stick with us and stay on our side of what was the Cold War was these values that we weren't always living to blunt we weren't living at all when it came to raise but that we said them right and so when you have an American president who's coddling dictators cuddling up to people like Kim Jong own hanging a photo of Kim Jong Hoon in the White House right and then at the same time he is stoking these racist elements within our within our country the same way that the leader of Poland is the leader of of other countries are that we consider to be you know sort you've falling toward a fascist element. What does that do to the organization up the world? What does that do to national security for us and rips it apart? I mean these stabilizing force for for our country but for the entire world we're looked to to be a pillar of stability of strength of integrity and our commander in chief is a racist and most of the world sees it so I think it really behooves the rest of us to try to figure out as we say in the military how to adapt improvise overcome. How are we going to work around Donald Trump? How are we going to put other faces forward award and especially frankly white people white people need to speak up and call it racist and this is gut check time for all Americans but especially for the National Security Community for retired generals for diplomats for other people who can show a contrast to donald trump? You're doing it on your show. We do it here on M._S._N._B._C. but it's gotta go a lot broader than that to show the world that all Americans are not racist yeah and you know it's interesting because Germany which obviously experienced firsthand what it meant to have an extremist extremist government that did you know the worst of the worst a year ago and this is circulating again on twitter and it's interesting that it certainly again stern which is the most popular magazine in Germany literally depicted Donald Trump as Nazi on its cover. That was a year ago. That's circulating. Circulating again today following his attack on these women angle Merckel who now in many ways is the leader of the free world for a lot of people because she's standing the strongest for multi-ethnic democracy in Germany fighting against far-right forces she came out and was asked to you personally feel solidarity with the women men who were attacked and here's what she said Zinzi because unfort- tunes easy presently salita averaged a kitten followed cheating easily dollars and I don't have time to read them all but you've got the leaders of Canada attacking denouncing Donald Trump Scotland attack denouncing donald trump the leader of New Zealand who just had a horrendous anti-muslim attack in her country coming out and condemning Donald Trump but when Germany when the leader of Germany is as well and when a German newspapers depicting the American President as a Nazi. Oh my God I just get your company upside down world and Boris Johnson Right Boards John Now checking trump. That's how far it's gone. Look my my podcast focuses a lot on independence and people from the National Security and defense community veterans. I think we as a community are extremely concerned here because we understand how this endangers every single platoon every single squad in the world that stands on indefens- on behalf of America that goes from border security all the way to the Middle East so the stakes couldn't possibly be higher and that's why trump's racism racism in dangerous. All Americans endangers the entire world yeah absolutely and I'm old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan being vilified around the world met him being depicted as a cowboy okay as a cowboy that was that that's how you know and this is how far we take this point yeah yeah. It's pretty pretty far down Paul Rakoff always bits talk to you. Thank you very much appreciate. Thank you coming up. I'll tell you about the latest on the man-made crisis in Puerto Rico. That's next.

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