American Legion Bridge, Prince William Parkway, Maryland discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


To the American Legion bridge with the work set up in the right lane inner loop there was some work on the ramp to westbound sixty six in the right lane also at sixty six work was scheduled to be along the left side on sixty six eastbound delays in Nutley street headed toward the belt way this is a work zone in the right lane also the ramp to the outer loop the right lane of two is blocked with the work southbound ninety five after the prince William parkway there was a report of debris in the roadway also north on twenty eight after sixty six the work schedule to be along the left side in Maryland southbound twenty nine after thirty to a report of a wrecked we do have work on both sides of the bay bridge eastbound the delay before sandy point headed to the eastbound span of the bridge the right lane gets by the work westbound delays near **** neck road trying to head across the bridge with a single left lane getting you by getting across very nice mac Middleton bridge you might need to give yourself some extra time today traffic alternates across the bridge for the work southbound on serving Avenue discipline parkway it was the right side getting by the rack and watch for any work on Connecticut Avenue Jones Bridge Road delays in both directions with the bigger delay is southbound before the bell and coming off of both loops of the beltway headed toward Jones Bridge Road seventy east of the Baltimore beltway west of the Baltimore beltway the accident has been cleared and the lanes have been reopened there may still be some lingering delays southbound Baltimore Washington parkway between the beltway and fifty there was a mobile worker moving along that stretch watch for any work still left over there while in the district is north bound in the third street tunnel the ramp to Massachusetts Avenue in the left lane is blocked with the work with all state and you get a local expert and help finding the best coverage for you plus when you bundle home and auto you can save so call your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands I'm reading Kessler WTOP traffic highs on this Monday afternoon warming into the upper fifties to low sixties with breezy winds and skies becoming cloudy we'll have some showers out there for the evening and overnight hours and some occasional rain tomorrow with.

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