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Need it. It's Kevin McCullough radio. All right, Kevin McCullough. Glad to be back with you. Just a final few minutes, eh, so that you can have a very successful Entertaining season. We've got the Super Bowl this weekend, the Daytona 500 next weekend. There may be people that are around your table that want to have good food for these fun events. And so honored to have been speaking this hour with you, Acheson because his his skill is legendary. He was, in fact, you I was talking about that going to the last break. Uhm when you were, uh, when, when you were the judged on top Chef Masters. You got a little taste of this. But when you were the actual that was when you were a contestant when you were an actual judge on top chef you were how you were tough. Me edited me is being brutally honest. Which is not a bad trip to have, but it could be a seemingly caustic it. No, no, I wouldn't go that far. But it was. You know, if they got a compliment from you, it was a well deserved one. Let's just put it that way. Yes. One last question about the restaurant business s O in here in New York. We've obviously had a really rough go of it for the restaurant tours and Lot of the restaurant tour is that you would probably even know personally David Burke and other people are personal friends, and it has been a really tough time for eateries across the country. What is your hope for 2021? In terms of what we're going to be able to do to get people back into our eateries and start toe? Live life a little bit more again? You know, I think the vaccine roll. I just need to go smoothly and then I think that we need to make sure that we're giving financial assistance to the really important part of our economy, which is in the bed in restaurants. Restaurants employ millions and millions and millions of people There are really, really important are part of the economy, and we didn't can't let them go away. I mean, they are our culture in so many ways. So we just have to support from New York with her, and any place that's cold in the winter has just got to get through winter. You know, it's just we They need assistance. Any good P p p money. They need Good. Um, you know But anyway that you can support a restaurant got and try and do it. Whether it's to go food right now are safe delivery or if you're up there doing in dining do that, But just do it safely and be smart before the places you love. Next time you're in Athens, Georgia. Visit is five and 10 of Empire State South or by George on, look up the seed life skills for your kids and figure out how you can be. Even better with family and consumer sciences in.

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