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Hey Friends boutique here. I'm a photographer, a writer, a mom and a relative, and I'm really happy to be here with all of you today. Hey folks, doctor doctor here, pivot, shift, good day. I am a professor at UCLA. I run the data warriors lab. I'm a researcher a relative and a mama, and it is so great to be back on another episode of all my relations. Last year, right around this time, we did a survey asking all of you what content do you wanted to hear? And there was a resounding request for content focused on reconnecting to one's indigeneity to community and to reclaiming the connections that colonization has tried to keep broken for so many generations in some cases. Totally. Learning what you guys wanted to hear really got us thinking because Machu and I were both reds girls, right? We are both born and raised in our communities. We maintain our community connections and our kinship bonds and responsibilities. Because I mean, you know, there's a lot of responsibility there too. You know, it all good. But so reconnecting for us has not been a part of our indigenous experience. But of course, we recognize that so many folks were not raised in community. And some do not even know where to start, right? And so we wanted to bring you the stories of two amazing indigenous people. One of whom you guys know very well and one of whom we know you will also totally love. And they take us on their journeys of learning about who they are, learning, to whom they belong and how to go about making meaningful connections as indigenous relatives in a society that has sought to destroy our kinship systems. And in a society that has sought to assimilate us into essentially into white people. Sorry. All my relations. All right, so we are really lucky to have two relatives actually on the pod today. Who are going to share their stories of reconnection, the first is Daniel French, hailing from the San Gabriel valley, east of east LA, Daniel is the youngest of three siblings. He strums the harana Segunda, sings emcees, keys, and in the summer of 2011, he drove across the continent, documenting his family's stories. He's very proud of his chicano Mexican frontier so Mohawk, German, Italian, French, English, and beyond backgrounds. All of them. Everything. Daniel's passionate about oral histories, music, freestyling. He works as a full-time musician and storyteller, and he most recently finished his BA in sociology from azusa Pacific university. He lives by the motto, risk everything to live your dreams and know that mysterious forces will come to your aid..

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