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I'll just two other movies all note on the highest grossers that year down lower on the list like a round number nineteen Again, it's very hard to gauge exact numbers when you're talking about the pre nineteen, seventy, seven box office but at number nineteen, we had the great Waldo Pepper, which was another Robert Redford vehicle. I haven't seen it but it's quite notable. So Robert Redford did quite well this year also opening this year probably around the great Waldo pepper numbers again tough to track down inexact exact one, the man who would be king, which is notable for starring Sean, connery and Michael. CAINE, which was a big adventure kind of back and really great movie. That's the Sean. Connery. Bond and Harry Palm Hip Chris File. Smash. avengers style film that we all wanted. That's right back in the day before cap and Ironman, we had Canaan connery. Mortgage you one. That's right. So yeah, that kind of wraps up the behind the scenes on three days of the condor for me. I guess I'll toss it over to you Scott. Okay. Cam For my extensive background in telephonic work. I think our guest is ready to join us. So Scott, we were very special guest this time joining us the CO host of the subspecies transmissions podcast, which I co host with him Tyler Orton. Hey great to be here I am coming in through my get smart phone booth that has a trap door that leads me to the secret layer, the secret studio that you guys are record. For one podcast booth to another. Are you guys both wearing a cone of silence or did I just come here looking like a Dork? No we have one pretty much every day of our lives. Okay. Okay. So can't wait to talk to you guys about get smart I watched it like three times leading pursue today's podcast. Yeah that pilot. Zinger. Well I mean cam you telling me you you brought a friend to the meeting so I was feel comfortable. That's that's correct. Yes. Yeah. End, we're on this film but. So, Tyler take a second telephone what these substrates transmissions podcast is well. We've been doing this for what five or six years now and I think we take really irreverent look at Star Trek it's not that very academic because you and I. We are clearly not academics, but it's not that academic study. That's can sometimes be a little bit dry you. We've done things like best musical moments biggest what the F..

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