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What the closest thing to assure thing. Yeah. Now going back to the memorabilia from the eighties. Do you have any? Do you guys have any actual? From eighty nine Batman day do, so I had to replace it for me. When I grew when I was little, I had like the action figures, obviously. Okay. So, I think around two thousand I was I was in college, it was two thousand six or something I went through like a trying to recapture my youth so repurchased the nine hundred eighty nine nine joker. I'm pretty sure I have the original like Hot Wheels. Batmobile. Nice. Yeah. Nice gonna ask that's definitely not a. No. There. So I, I still have, and I'm looking right at her right now. I have it sealed the Batman serial with the piggy Bank. So it's still a plastic. I have that seal looking at it right now. I had. Where he has his arms crossed. Yes, it is. So I still have that's the one item that, that sticks from my childhood is that piggy Bank. You have it. I, I have somewhere in about. Nice. So I also have like Leo said, I have the in the box. I have the Batman figure the joker figure. And the Bob, the goon figure I also have why had I need to get this like soon, or one day, I do wanna get the nineteen batmobile again? I did have the batmobile inbox and that's obviously gone. But I do have some original artwork. I have an original painted Jack Nicholson joker photo. I also have a shot up to an artist at Jenin. I buy from popsy art. I have a lot of Batman, eighty nine original work from there, Batman joker and just the bat signal. I have the original nineteen Eighty-nine Batman comic book from the movie, the based on the original movie comic book. I have the VHS I have the DVD I have. The steel book, I've the twenty fifth anniversary. I just bought the thirtieth anniversary, four K steel book. I have lots of shifts. Batman, eighty nine oh yes. So I, I also have Funchal pops of nineteen. I can I forget that. So, yeah, I have tons of Shiva the Nixon, I'm working on is outside of the batmobile because I also had the cave. So I'm looking at that again. And I have the original McDonald's cups from from Batman returns, but there are three or four of the time it is one of them. They're McDonald's didn't release four think original cups, happy meal cups, for Batman, eighty nine and I wanna get those I gotta find those. But that's I think that's it. What are you what about you Ryan g thank of arm might have some action figures? Like I, I have on DVD and Blu Ray and stuff like that thing I might have shorter, too, but mostly by figures, laying around and bins. Nice. What about you have? Yeah. I have have the original eighty nine figures, but I wanna get them see with the backing the only the only one that costs you a lot is Bob going. Actually surprisingly, there's. I have it in my call to the podcast. I remember having a poster in my room of just a logo. At the piggy Bank to pay the Bank, I still have. But it's box. That's honestly, as weird is probably one item that sticks out the most me from my childhood when it comes to Batman, is that piggyback? It's and it's so like terrible material. Him on the on the plastic. Yeah. I'll take it for you Leo. It's so material like it's really a sticker of his face, and that's a. What about you? What do you got? Listen to also visit my garage from primate makes me think actually just take that surrounded in my room. I have Asam the extra Villiers back today. I have cut from, like collectors Cup. Happy meal stuff then day to nice actually have one for Batman returns. And then I have I still have my original V8. eight copy of demand. Also, my. And then then all the new stuff. I have multiple. I have multiple copies of it on DVD. Blu Ray as I just got the four K. I have a question is to say, how many of you dressed up as Batman just on? Last week. I gray and blue Batman one year and then to following lack with the yellow. So, I did all yellow, there's a picture somewhere kindergarten in grammar school. I was Batman. Yeah. I did a second grade or something that so safe to say we all dressed as Batman. Yeah. So in terms with cat woman from Batman, Richard three years tour. I know what I figured I gotta say. In case we don't have an episode yet. I have a funny story that I think you, you wrestling fans though enjoy. So you guys are all wrestling fans, I think safe to say except G and you. Yeah. Okay. So, like I appreciate you almost have had like a group of buddies that had like your own, like wrestling league type thing. Yeah. Your own championship belt. So we had the same thing with me and my crew and the thing with us was, we named the league the Batman league. So the holder is Batman. So we're thirty three years old now and still have the it's a twenty four hour rule. So it's twenty four hour hardcore rules. So those are the rules, the only rules are you have to have three members of the league in the same place at the same time, one tariff. The two people that are in the match us just have someone down in pin them down for the three count. And I mean like if you're drunk accounts, if you're sleeping accounts, long as someone's there to. Videotape or till record the thing happening, we have buddies in Spain Utah, and this is all still going on between us. But currently, there's a, there's a little bit of a chase across the states to see who which one of us is going to retain the title for the longest nice that man so that brings me to what I always do with these look backs at these anniversaries. I have some fun facts for you guys. As mentioned before I thirty facts for thirty years. So as mentioned before the tone, in themes of the film were influenced by Alamo, is killing joke and Frank Miller's dark Knight returns. Have you guys? I know we talked about it before if you've read those. Yeah. All right. It's been a long time. This would never happen today. But Tim and says he's never read comics child, because he didn't. He never knew what order to read the boxes to killing joke was the first comic he ever rate ride that made sense. Do you think like directors, especially with marvel DC would get hired? Not reading the source material FOX does proved that they wouldn't. I know I know I know. Number three. Got them cities, designed. For FOX poor FOX. Yeah. Got them cities design was described by art director ants on. I what New York City might have become without a planning commission. The nineteen eighty five film, Brazil by Terry Gilliam was a notable influence upon the film's production design is both Burton and I studied in his reference. So you didn't study comic book film. They studied. Seen it, you definitely see to similarity the tools of the surgeon us on Jack Napier or the same tools, used by sadistic dentists in little shop of horrors. Wow. Interesting. One scene had a young James Gordon on duty the night of the murder. Bruce, Wayne's parents. But it was cut to see later. Recreated for Batman begins. Effect, you know which one I'm talking about right guys. He wants to code over. Yup. As mentioned before Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner Charlie Sheen Pierce, Brosnan, top Celik, and boom, Laurie were all considered for the role of Batman, Qian's casting caused controversy, which, which, I mentioned before that led to fifty thousand protests letters producer cultural. And then I also mentioned before Tim curry will him the photo Bowie Lithgow James James woods were considered for the joker. Now, Tim curry. I think I you guys met, you who'd you would've wanted. I actually would've wanted Tim curry out of those. Yeah. I still would go with the fo- but curry would be good, which reminds me that Vince Vaughn would be good to Vince Vaughn is a national treasure of the nineteen nineties and two thousands comedy just wanna point that out there. Off topic. We were watching wedding crashers less than classic Jenny. Does the love like I do not in the same way That wouldn't crash. crashes amazing that was g outta laugh. I haven't heard that squeal and like forever. I get it out of me and that was in. Yeah. He knows producer Jenny like this. When producers Jon Peters, approached AC Nicholson to play the joker in nineteen eighty six while he was filming the witches of east week moving. Oh. No, it's like bad. But good at the same time this I didn't even know. But Robin Williams was briefly announced as joker, but only as a way of pressuring Jack Nicholson to take the role pastor when Williams found out he was never seriously, considered he refused to do any other wanna Brazil, including the Ridler and Bama forever unto the studio policy is years later. That's so cool. Seriously, Jack Nicholson's contract. We've talked about contracts before specified, the number of hours, he was entitled to have off each day from the time he left the set to the time report back for filming as well as being offer. L E leaker home games. I read the way really, he's a big Laker fans that part that I definitely Leo, noses lately. But he had tickets for the Lakers before. Oh, yeah. It was an add onto very Showtime. He had his credible Jack Nichols. They knew how to get him. Yeah. That's pretty great stuff. I think you had that put into all his contracts, right? I would love to look that up. I think. No. Because I heard that before Batman are not for Batman, but other movies that they have to cater to his schedule so that he can make Terry home so good. So he was an actual real celebrity Fendt. Unlike Aubrey, let you guys you guys know ob- refer those listening is Drake burn. Doesn't really care about getting burned right now. Yeah. Yeah. Official NBA champion Frank van belief. So timber and suggested replacing Sean young with Michelle Pfeiffer. But key in who was dating Michelle Pfeiffer, at this time, which I did not know decline saying it would be too awkward, but he changes mind for Batman returns. Shed, did you know Michael David Michelle Pfeiffer? Good for him, bro. No, actually. I don't know if I didn't know that..

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