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For putin attention is an opportunity he's portrayed himself as the only leader strong enough to stand up to a powerful external enemy but that doesn't mean he can ignore internal crises earlier this week a fire engulfed a shopping center in the siberian town kemerovo this has been a week of funerals and national mourning sixty people died at a memorial a father remember talking to his daughter on the phone as she tried to escape what i was crying to my daughter she said dad i love you i'm suffocating i'm losing consciousness the tragedy sparked morning but also protests residents blame local officials because the malls exits were blocked in the fire alarm disabled so putin visited marovo to pay his respects and present himself as a benevolent leader launching an investigation he met with victims families letting them interrupt and question him he portrayed himself as authentic and local officials as corrupt one hundred investigators are working on this case they will inspect the whole chain of command is a is an accomplished politician who has been very successful over the past eighteen years but a lot of people under here the bureaucracy feel that they are only responsible to up there you responsible candy coal to irresponsible to the population putin's critics accused him of facilitating the kind of low level corruption and ineffectual local governance that led to the fire the fire also shows the limits of putin's control russia is a combination of top down control and anarchy much of the issues around russia is not the poor management which exists on behalf of the authority it's also lawlessness and lack of responsibility among ordinary people those ordinary people director ira at the local government as putin portrays himself is confronting local corruption and simultaneously an aggressive west the us is considering further escalation russia maintains blanket denials neither side wants war but it's not clear how they get out of the cycle of confrontation pbs news hour mixture sure the city of atlanta says it is slowly making progress in restoring its computer networks hari sreenivasan explains how nine days after a cyber attack brought city.

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