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Thanks weeks. Now back to the show. I will say, we're all at this table jealous that we don't have magical poop if my, if my, but I have to make it more. Magic what would it be? I would love to be able to make art with it the way that a spider does an art art that catches my meal. Oma gooky measured up poop web you just described a boop. Why I can now just poop webs while it's awful thing. Dedicated web hole on our bodies as humans to have web, you know, a nice big web whole kind of the right above your tailbone. Not if you call the website me where spider-man's are where, you know, you would wanna use your hands to manipulate the web, we don't use our feet or you'd want to. But because if you're describing than humans would like be bring themselves up by their but. When dog scoot, again, across the carpet. We'd be doing that move. I would just love my poop to like make me faster. You know, like have you ever been running you fart, and you're like I wonder if I just gained a little speak. Things that you wish you had a lot of people in the world wish that they had advice. And you guys are Trier's. I'm miles. Oh my God. Introducer. You did. Okay. I didn't I. Forgot who what's what what's the next segment? Well, you guys are try guys you've tried many things for the internet. And a lot of people out there they needed, vice. I figured now, it'd be a good time for you to offer them their advice, and who better to give advice to than people on the number one question service in the world. Ask Jeeves yahu answer. I love Yahoo answers. So how does gonna work as you guys are going to give me a word could be anything? Announ is preferable. I'm good with political type that word into well about that. We're into who answers a question for you. Guys to answer live on the podcast on is the idea that like people answers are asking crazy shit. Like if we say pick, they're going to be like I got a pickle stuck in my ass. How do I get it? I hope most. What about fingerling, fingerling kinda wanna know fingerling, too? We're gonna get a real name this segment. This is called yahu answering your burning questions. Yahoo fingerling, what question this question is called, fingerling, help question? Mark. How do you tell what gender fingerling is? I've got four light colored ones and only one dark. So I wanna know what's, what's. Is there a fingerling character in something or is there feeling you talked about the gender of the potato or well, maybe because potatoes procreate do, do you put a fingerling into? Dark one spot the light ones, and then they have babies, I actually I this is total. Ignorance, I have no idea how you grow potatoes like sprout little buds. There's no seed become more potatoes. So it's just a potato. I think the potato is the seed. So there's no, yeah, it's the route. So there's no, there's no, no mama and data. It's just all the bigger question is the gender of potato. I don't know if that's something that is, I would say plant gender, plants have both genders. That's what I thought they have sexes. They don't have genders or well yeah they should try to find the penis. Find the peanuts. It's a boy. And if you can't then it's, it's at least not a boy does have pollen and staements are. No, because you have to look, maybe with the plant that comes out, there's probably a flower that you are right that the spuds or something. Maybe they maybe they just go. Comes above the ground potato flour. Yeah. There's potato for potato flowers. Not just potato flour that you can make not so great bread with sickly. We think it's a silly question because we assume that it has both sexes. Picturing, it's like via plume from Pokemon and interesting shoots spray that then, like dances down on the dirt. So more potato, I would just answer all genders are equally delicious..

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