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Yeah the FERMO afterwards, you're lucky. The being the gentleman that I am I just walked off. That could have been a lot worse for you Tito Santana. And it's kind of fun because I think Rick in an interview once where he said that Vincent Pat didn't really see him as a heel they thought no, one would buy it. and. Martell says he even threatened to quit offense wouldn't at least let him try it. And even gave his notice and few days later gets a call from Vince and PAT and they're a little more willing. So he gave them to come to TV, but they wanted to do baby face promos again. So he tries to quit again. This time Vince calls him home and come to an agreement that he'll turn heel but vince says he needs a gimmick. And martell says. Really thought about that. This is something that has always fascinated me when one of the boy sort of put their foot down and says, nope, that's not what I want for my character. I, mean famously allegedly. said in a meeting once with Vincent says something are here's Hey I want you to be my next all Hogan. And apparently seems like I'd rather be a heel and that just I don't know amazes me Mike what a prime spot. Why do you think? Martell felt. So strongly that he wanted to be a heel and he couldn't get it, he was going to quit. It wanted to be healed because he I don't think he'd ever been to heal before. Right and it was a challenge to him. It was something he felt he could pull off with the personal issue with Tito and look who doesn't want to be a he'll. Be In a heels just so much easier than. And it's baby face. Well he's GonNa Samantha's He'll turn on April twenty second when he's introduced a slicks latest protege of course, in this era of the company if you're a bad guy, you've got a manager. From there, of course, he's feeding Tito over the next year losing to him in the finals of the King of the ring. Tournament in October in Rhode Island. And his eighty nine comes to close. The decision is made to end Martellus association with slick. Talk about why he felt slick was the right guy and ultimately why those separation? In a run its course I don't know that slick did. really anything. Positive from our tell it was A. A pairing let everyone know the mar tells now he'll because he has a heel manager. and. It just to me it just didn't work. Plus the idea of the of the model candidate started. Man I absolutely fucking love this model character. Though I do WanNa mention they November twenty third survivor series and eighty nine dusty Rhodes Bruce beefcake. Tito Santana and the Red Rooster on one side. Big Man Honky, Tonk man bad news, Brown Rick Martel on the other. Man. That's a lot of talent. A Lot Hall of famers. And Red Rooster. Around the same time Martel starts to position himself as a fashion model and even referred to as fashion model rick. Martel. And he appears on the interview stage wearing clothing some fancy suited and booted gear here and Lord Alfred Hayes, it's going to describe this beautiful, Atar his very British tone of voice. And during the appearances marseils coat was cut up by Brutus, the barber beefcake, and that sets the two of them up for a program and early ninety and somewhere along the way they dropped the word fashion. And just start referring to him as the model. And Martel even admits at first he wasn't sold on the idea but his wife reminded him at least it's not a rooster. That Gimmick was already taken somebody flubbed it. What do you think of the Model I? Absolutely love the vignettes would just saw some of those on a bonus show that you and I watched Saturday night's main event but. Dude this is great stuff I love the character I can't believe he was even remotely hesitant. Yeah the character was great in the buildup in the vignettes and everything else about it were great and gave Rick something to sink his teeth into. the accent. Comes across as very arrogant and and he could talk down his nose at people Little. Insight to the model that in the beginning to actually all through it Martell war lot of Vince. Is Old suits. It had them against game suits very similar embody tight. and Marcel Adam tailored to fit himself and. So, when you go back and you look in some of the shit that martel was wearing and especially in the The Suit Department or?.

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