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Why is a two weeks later after he's gotten put them all it's like because the all the he always over states think dropped right come comes out and as brock obama's the founder of ice all right in and you knew it has to him a one i know what you mean i mean what you're saying really is that obama created the conditions to which are tonight he created that comes as no no i mean the powder was but he always overstate things spot but the it will be did people to began to look at into what actually going on and if they don't confirmed what come up says in this case they find out more about all these workouts and i would like to know for example what was going on with a lot trout's not trump could actually really i'm force and it at a release of you know all of the individuals friends since you had access titties enters intercepts within the government has had to make a public but they can find out who who in who did not have access to these intercepts and how they on mask the american on the other end of it if they're just if they're just for instance why are tapping the russian ambassador and then they get the drag mad of them out of the american who is speaking to him or any other russian of well they can find that out so i back when i think i think maybe we'll see that coming out me and the days in and weeks ahead i should hope so byron yard that could talk to all day thank you so much for joining us and not bad enjoy it's always final take a break close out this article on the lore ingram show.

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