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S. this is Matt Bigler the bay area tech companies that are starting to lay off employees as a result of the pandemic case CBS news time seven fifty is the latest on sports now from Stephen it'll be interesting to see how it plays out at NASCAR tracks you've boy it sure will stand NASCAR with an announcement that not long ago we thought would never happen banning Confederate flags from all races and venues a common sight at NASCAR events for seventy two years it was announced before last night's race held without fans at Martinsville motor speedway I can't overstate enough what an historic day this is for NASCAR racing that the Confederate flag henceforth will be prohibited and not be allowed on NASCAR properties at NASCAR events but now there are no fans here at Martinsville speedway this evening but fans starting next weekend in Miami Florida and then in Talladega Alabama the following week we'll be allowed back one thousand at Miami next weekend five thousand fans at Talladega superspeedway the following week and so we'll see what this looks like that is a long time ESPN NASCAR reporter Marty Smith in the summer of two thousand fifteen the then president Brian France said we want to work to get Confederate flags out here they are insensitive symbol and at that same moment during that same weekend the most famous NASCAR driver possibly ever Dale Earnhardt junior was extremely outspoken in saying the Confederate flag is offensive to an entire race and it belongs in the history book the winner of last night's race was Martin Truex junior Bubba Wallace came in eleven th the gaze of lost one of their outstanding players from the nineteen seventies Claudel Washington at the age of sixty five prostate cancer was a World Series champion in nineteen seventy four is a nineteen year old rookie batting two eighty five and a year later made the American League all star team hitting three await with ten home runs seventy seven runs batted in and forty stolen bases had a very solid seventeen year career batting to seventy eight hit one hundred sixty four home runs with three hundred twelve steals at the Charles Schwab challenge Justin rose the leader right now three under par through four holes has a one shot advantage at the sports desks the bid KCBS let's say you just bought a house.

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