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Writer, Tracy Taylor Mike Lewis, New York Daily News discussed on Ron and Don


But it looks like we may have. Something just after valley medical center I'll look into that have another. Update coming up to ten minutes traffic brought to you by Online Trading Academy attend a free power trading workshop text the word traffic to five seven six. Eight to register for ongoing Bellevue workshops, Senate Tom water workshop on August I. Text traffic to five. Seven six eight two Cairo radio realtime traffic I'm Tracy Taylor Mike Lewis for. Don today Mike used to work in the newspaper biz that's all I'm excited or interested to get your take on the new York Daily News came into, day, and, they whacked fifty percent of its newsroom staff, I usually I think them. As sort of their flashy, headlines, in, whoever, their headline. Writer is they. Didn't fire him Newspaper, with legitimately top journalists, through there they've gone from hundreds of reporters in New York to about seventy five which is bigger. Than let's, just say more, reporters than at the Seattle times but there's. Eleven million people in New York City it's it is, nowhere near enough people to be able to cover. The city in the manner that that the new York Daily News is this is this. Is a lousy day in terms of newspaper journalism so when you see these stories and like Los, Angeles Times getting sold to a tech billionaire in which was the best thing that's happened Los Angeles, Times 'cause they were owned by the same company, trunk which was a scotch Abune hodgepodge in Baltimore Sun if you other papers trunk owned the the LA times trunk. Made the time substantially worse from a management standpoint mishandled virtually everything it did with that paper then sold it to a guy who I think is actually, going to turn it around who genuinely wants to, make it, the LA times was in its day one of the. Great American newspapers. It was every bit in the nineteen eighties every. Bit as good as.

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Writer, Tracy Taylor Mike Lewis, New York Daily News discussed on Ron and Don

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