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We go to Rita Kessler in the W T o p Traffic center. We were seeing delays on the outer loop of the Beltway top side of the Beltway from New Hampshire Avenue around towards University Boulevard. While all the earlier activity between those two points has been cleared out of the travel portion of the roadway, there was still a vehicle over on the right shoulder, and that may be causing the attention and the delay also the outer lip after 2 70. The debris had been in the center of the roadway, then The outer loop in Virginia. At 66. The left lane is blocked with the work. The inner loop near for 50 was a report of a broken down vehicle. If you're in the district inbound New York Avenue before Bladensburg Road, there had been a broken down vehicle in the center lane. Also in Maryland, 31 Year Trade Zone Avenue. A report of Iraq 1 15 month Castor Mill Road west of 28, nor back road might be under police direction Still for the crash, the westbound side had been blocked. And in Frederick 26, or Liberty Road near old Annapolis Road that was the scene of a broken down truck in Virginia North Beyond 3 95 delays coming from after Duke Street Toward King Street. This is the work in the left lane on the inbound 14th Street bridge. The left lane is blocked with the work zone. South Bong slowing a little bit from the 14th Street Bridge headed toward the Pentagon. Also eastbound 66 after 20 in Centerville that crashed finally cleared still seeing a little bit of delay getting past there, But the lanes should be open. 95 no reported issues. Um, looking good crossing the Arctic Juan all the way into Fredericksburg Want the most fuel efficient car in America. Small dot com is the new Ionic hybrid by Hyundai, Whether all electric hybrid and plug in.

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