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Not true. No hold on. Did you see kevin. Stallings tweeted the highlights. Cj he did no. I'm kidding. I grade and my thinking about like think about just kevin stallings tried to block this guy from going to carolina. You know what i mean that is that is his legacy with cam cam johnson. We'll always think man. My coach who i played for. Pittsburgh tried to keep me from going in north carolina actively. Even though i'd already graduated i was sure kevin stallings on a beach somewhere like kind of what beach would he be on like somewhere like panama city florida or something like that's the beach kevin staunches on. He's got one of those sunbathing the deals were like the. It looks like the the thing you'd have to put up on your desk so people you can cheat in class but the video that's reflective and you hold it up gets more sun on your face just sitting there. And he's knocked out and he sunbathing and then one of his cronies comes up and taps him on the shoulder like it's george bush on nine eleven region the kids and like whispers in his ear and he peeps down sunglasses and looks adleman he goes he did what puts the sunglasses back up in the drinks like a. That's what i that's how i picture kevin stallings. Yes heard about cam. Johnson in this moment in time. And he's like. I don't care any yes. Yes i think you know. The joke is that you always go to cancun when you lose. And i think like kevin songs actually.

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