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Covert 19 no later than November. In a letter to the nation's governors, CDC Director Robert Read Bild is requesting states trimmed the approval process of centers where a potential vaccine would be distributed. The director writes the requirements you maybe acts toe wave in order to expedite vaccine distribution will not compromise the safety or integrity of the products being distributed. But Fox was Charles Waltz in ads. Public health issues have criticized early fall. Timeline questioning if enough data would be available to safely administer a vaccine and the proximity to election day there are over 6.22 million confirmed cases of covert 19 in the United States and over 188,000 deaths. Rescue workers digging through the rubble of a Beirut building for the third day on Saturday, said there was no longer hope of finding someone alive more than a month after huge port explosion shattered Lebanon's capital. About 50 rescue workers and volunteers work for three days to locate anyone after sensors on Thursday detected signs of breathing and heat. She was trying to stay safe, but the result was anything but When a mom and round rock, Texas north of Austin, was rushed to the I C u after hand sanitizer she was using called on fire as she lived a candle, Kate Wise suffering 2nd and 3rd degree burns within Literally two seconds. My entire body was Justin called. Why says she was putting the hand sanitizer run and her arm caught fire. She said she was suddenly engulfed in flames. The sanitizer. She used an off brand something she says she'll never use again. Christa Male Fox News on the Memphis Zoo says the oldest African elephant of North America is dead at the age of 56. Carranza was the longtime matriarch of the often heard of the Memphis Sue was put on hospice care and was eventually euthanized Friday after her health dramatically.

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