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Many of our little lego scales and it looks pretty good for legos and then you can get really technical and get into bigger models with the technical our vets that's up to forty five dollars you can sum up two hundred and fifty dollar Porsche nine eleven two hundred dollar Land Rover defender or go all out get a three hundred fifty dollar like okay got a siren so it depends how much you like your first initial if you were you you like motorcycles I know they've got a Harley one out there like it was put out and some Formula One stuff I've seen as well that's always fun I don't know if your dad like my kids loved shopping for me and that I mean some of lego set last year and it was a fun little time to to build some car like I was in and of course my what I want to play with it destroy it what do you what do you think about the the enthusiast so Jim you've got a couple of older cars like eighties cars nineties cars they don't have Bluetooth I mean that's in in Illinois you can't hold your phone in your hand and talk anymore when you're driving right so find there's all sorts of cheap Bluetooth kids out there make sure you do a little bit of homework and get one that's worth it but for twenty five Bucks you can stream your audio three year your radio and then you can take to receive your phone calls and stuff like that I think that's a great gift for people that maybe have an older car if they're enthusiast anything like Jim mentioned that's branded their car their brand if there is any guy I mean that's an easy quick and easy gift but also I think it's really cool there's a lot of watch companies now that are doing car themed watches and that's so cool gift for somebody who is they got their car they're proud of it and that's something where they can wear all the time and it could remind them any of the gift giver but DC all of the the thing that they love their car or their truck or whatever it is let's not forget like surprise we did mention this right off the top bowling Brooks very on whether to yeah you know I mean I mean really do you won't Kerr formats for Christmas I mean they've got it but they've got the thing going on if you have you know for fido to hop in the car I mean they got the for your girlfriend or your wife that would be a pretty quiet Christmas it's all weather Sekhemre shel it was a gift exchange in the office and all four people who were exchanging gifts got everybody the the weather tech couple phone thing that they've been marketing yeah I think that that is pretty is pretty cool that can go along with the blue too thing and be a way to get your phone out of the hands of you can focus on driving will look we're not showing for weather take your what I love what they did about that thing is that you can adjust the cops but you can do that he will call the radio just the size of a writer and author I think that's a pretty yeah role there I once we get all the academic I'll get there that's a very stinking Christmas or we were help up another week mark be like general manager of Dr Chicago in Chicago Auto Show marketing director Jim overall so next week we will be on again at ten o'clock due to Illinois football and we will talk about Cooper tires and the Mazda C. ex five were struck Chicago brought you by our good friends at Bettenhausen automotive house.

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