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Radio. we're excited about it. Absolutely you know I. Think what the Lakers are still the favourite despite avery Bradley, setting out and the injury Dorando does her. Does he know Jerry? As quite a playoff resume, but I'm not betting against Lebron right now I think it all depends on the announcers. Are the announcers going to push the social justice bullshit on us to I mean. What do you think? We've got to wait. For years for like thirty years announcer for Sacramento. Sacramento Guy said all lives matter and got fired. I'll review. I'll revisit that for the rest of my life. That's the most unbelievable. injustice play by play. Guy, said all lives matter and they fired him. So, what do you think these these announcers are GonNa go over the top? They're going to celebrate black lives matter they're. They'RE GONNA be. Just a bit probably have slogans on their on their shirts to. It's going to be just obnoxious. What is what is not? And it's okay. What do you think reamer since I? Just told you. I think it's GonNa. Fail miserably. What do you think I think it might be lame? But not because of black lives matter I mean black lives. Matters gained more support of the last two months than it did. In the previous two years combined. It is increasing at an accelerating rate. People understand what's happening so the. Talk Shop. Sells out like crazy Nike stocks or his capture. Nick is good business. Good business. What do you mean not will on? They don't let black people okay. Well. Let's let let's dedicate an entire week of the Gerry. Callahan. Pa I'm so glad that you're really into this issue. You haven't mentioned it before. So it's. Anything, Yeah. Exposed, his people like, you will not use again I. can't people often ask me why like you and why have you on? You're the real thing I don't think Steve Kerr is. I don't think Lebron is they care Lebron? The most honest thing he's ever done is put his name on Jersey. Because you're supposed to put a 'cause that's near, and dear to your heart on your Jersey now whether it's racial justice, economic justice economic equality, whatever I put his name because that's what's important to him. Reamer really believes this nonsense. Really reamer really believes in the black lives. Matter Agenda. Most people don't. They don't WanNa to end capitalism I'm sorry. Means as much as a black friend of mine told me. Do you know black lives? Matter Means Jerry. It means that you have. A black friend will have. It means that your life is worth more than ten dollars. That's what that means, so I am in understand. George Floyd was killed or twenty dollars. I'm sorry extorts. Floyd was killed over counterfeit twenty dollar bills, so it shows that your life is worth more than twenty dollars and I agree with that message was the woman's life. Who George Floyd held a gun to her stomach on robbed her. How much was? So now. We've gone to George Floyd. Is The bad guy now? Miss this? Turn the last. He's the bad guy, but he wasn't a great guy. It's a little crazy that we building you know statues to the man now tearing down. Abe Lincoln of putting up George Floyd a rubber avenue take on the statues. I'd say tear them all down. I mean who cares about statues at all. If you ever noticed Christopher Columbus Statue in Boston. No Oh. Yes, they have because that's right. There's the interest in north end. And I went looking for it when it could be headed. I couldn't find the Lincoln statue and I gave up looking I asked I told you this before, asked a bunch of people if they knew it was. It's in Park Square. And no one knew and it offended Marty Walsh she decided. It is amazing that these statues weren't a big deal for years ago now they have to come down I. Don't understand why you WANNA tear down. Abe Lincoln. Why do you want to ten on Abe Lincoln? Ulysses Grant Y man I. I'm all for putting it to a vote if the public says. You know if the people decide. They WANNA. Take it down. That's fine, but why do you WanNa let the mob takedown Abe Lincoln. Ulysses grant is a strange one because he was the offer. Good guys I mean I was. was. LEXI was probably the second most important guy. Freeing this you're. Freeing slaves fleeing African Americans but. I don't WanNa get into statue statue I mean it's a little, trite and cliche. And this is not by the way this is not right and I. Think you know it, you know. I don't believe you I don't believe that you think will join us. Ke's response was appropriate when he could have. He's smart guy. I. Know Him he's a good rider. He could have crafted a nice to three paragraph. Response done what you just did called said the Josh, Holly. Why don't you whatever attack trump? Why don't you focus on this and this in Grosjean Husky could say I'm a sports reporter. He generally is just a scoop guy, right? A transaction guy like Adam schefter. Here Serbs press releases. No he breaks news I mean it doesn't really matter to me like who the whatever who the Phoenix. But. He doesn't break news. That team wouldn't eventually release otherwise like Schefter. You know what I'm saying wide. Yes, but they. They get news I. They get eyeballs to the you. Know I think he's I. Don't Really Watch Sports Center these days, but I think he's on there. When he has news to break right, he could have responded in steady rights. Fuck you to a senator and I. Don't understand it. I even looked at the time to see. Maybe it was like a drunk tweet. And, it wasn't I. Don't think an immediately. He gets called out. I mean what time does that? They've nine am. Nine am Adrian Morgan, ask and I realize he's Moonbat. He's a liberal. He's probably left of you. But how is a smart guy like Adrian like Whoa? Jr think that's appropriate. Is is trolling, and that's how you respond to trolls especially just. Him! It was to Adam silver another coward at of silver. You know who will never in fact. What was it a week ago out? Silver was saying. Oh, we just have disagreements you know with China. There's you know there's not one right way to run a country I mean he will never ever they should. They could turn into Nazi Germany and start exterminating. Muslims and Adam Silver won't say a word, but Adam Silver's response, and at least he didn't say Fu, but WHOA JR immediately apologizes and immediately gets shortly thereafter. Get suspended, you know begs for forgiveness. I'm thinking. Why did you do in the first place? I realize it's a dyke question. That yesterday. I don't think he really gave me an answer. What do you think he really was trying to accomplish because? If someone if somebody replies to me with something like that. I do exactly what he did. I posted on social media..

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