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So they didn't John Solomon's columns while it was at the hill and they went they they go through this extensive thing when they're the hills review John Solomon's columns in Ukraine this was after state department diplomats criticize some of those columns during the house impeachment hearings they said the review was conducted independently by the hills new staff under the direction of editor in chief Bob two sec the hill is that was working panels for each of fourteen relevant pieces that appeared on the hill dot com these working groups analyzed and discussed the columns of length looking at possible corrections and or context it could have been added to the time of the writings and additionally hell reviewed congressional testimony another public documentation related to John Solomon's columns as well as related media reports stand editor's notes to the columns regarding what has been learned since the columns were posted by the hill and they also review their editorial policies in process so Solomon has responded to critics during television appearances on Twitter on this podcast there was included some of his rover remarks in this report and it goes on another EE ending process what about yours yours this is this in brown hills opinion contributors in there comes routinely checked invented for accuracy conflicts of interest and other relevant factors all columns are read and edited by at least one opinion editor many are read by two editors and summer review by the hills legal counsel before posting their publication when wanted to do this is initially because the folks at the watch the examiner asked me to write a couple of columns for them which I did legs when was this week and so it it's funny because they go through I mean I can see will go the good they've gone through in a hyperlink stuff I don't give them those hyperlinks by the way I'm figured if they want to you know if they want to figure out thing figured I mean I'd be glad to they asked me but they went through when they find stuff in it and they're not going to they're not going to publish it then I can put on the website unless they have confirmed and these are things that I'm stating is fact or would like side to somebody else like I was signing an NBC study that they had done last summer and they changed when I said last summer to last July and then the but the hyperlink in it because they found the study that I was referencing so this is the way you do this what what's so what's the bottom line well usually found the hell is that an editor's notes the Solomons work on Ukraine and some columns there was context and or disclosures that should have been included at the time of his writings in other cases these editors notes highlighted highlight what has been learned since Solomon colors were initially published the fourteen link so they'll review to below and so what they've done and they haven't found anything inaccurate they've just they they just have that they've pretty much found the sourcing Ford and included that in the columns they said well Solomon's columns on Ukraine relabeled as opinion they largely read like new stories adding to the potential confusion between opinion in news Solomon was identified as an award winning journalist and his column tagline what appearing on television to discuss his Ukraine columns Solomon was not typically labeled an opinion writer by the broadcast programs the hill did not contact television producers the label Solomon as opinion columnist it should have but really I mean they talk about that but they did not find really I'm looking then for anything wrong with well we should have told you wouldn't be what it did because I always question the time why is why is he an opinion writer this guy's finding more great stuff but I don't know quick time out we're going to get to your phone calls in just a moment to be cool be cool and we're gonna talk to share for this crazy story today but some do planning loaded weapons and ammo to jail all that coming up stay right we on driven super talking ninety nine seven from the W. T. in news center on Pamela for with your top stories Davidson county sheriff tearing holes says long time criminal justice advocate Alex Friedmann planted loaded guns and extra ammo is part of what would have been a massive ex gay planned before the new downtown jail opened on the staff everybody here to understand this was this was identified by the staff they're working behind me in December and I had that original rest not occurred at this press conference to be a totally different situation Alex Friedman was arrested in January accused of disguising himself as a construction worker and stealing keys for which eighteen hundred locks had to be replaced today he's charged with class a felony vandalism and being held on a two point five million dollar bond at the Tennessee department of corrections two days after a horrific crash.

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