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With what would you say your love. Attachment style is preoccupied. Fearful avoid and do morning pages. No i should really should. How many do you do my wife. Does i try to for you for a couple of days. So angry done nothing today. I i just read the doctor. John sarno book because i've been having neck issues And it's mind over body mind body mind body kind of stuff and he says it's all repressed rage as where it's come from so i thought well let me sit down and do write about my repressed rage and i really have no race so i have to make stuff up of sewing. Ups man he knew that package was on the front. He knew i was home. He didn't you know so. I mean i did something called the grinberg method where this woman were hell. She's israeli. it's this where she lays you on a bed. You're just in your underwear. She starts fingering visualizing if she doesn't and well first of all when you meet her. I remember the people at home can't see sometimes that listening so you have to act things So you go you first of all. When i met the first time i met her. Her energy is so calm and makes me realize how manic everyone else's all the time and i tend to feed off people's energy and i get i go off. Line sometimes see these manic. But she's got this magical energy and she you go in. And i remember the first time you never hell probably. Emily did you. Do you ever help me with her. No was this a planter feet in your plant like you had to plant in the soil or is this the ancestral trauma. You've been through a lot of healers with me. i feel here. We were still not healed. You were one of these people that you're into spiritualists. No i just. I i was just not. I love crystals but not be. I think they're pretty. I don't think they're going to heal your childhood unless you use it to kill your molester or somebody lets you bop your molester. Over the head of rose quartz. No but puck branding again she tried to make barge again. Jesus so you go to this woman and it was actually really helpful. Because i was late like two minutes late and i there was late for every never elaine. I couldn't get a code or something and she opens the door. And i was like. I'm so sorry. I'm just i'm laid and but it i was like. Why are you apologizing. And she said it super calm not at all the way i said it i probably could never do the impression of it and i just started balling crying like her presence was just so intense and she just held a mirror up to how ridiculous. It is to apologize to someone. You're paying when you're two minutes late and didn't have the why would i have known and We go in lay down and she finds the place that you hold your basically muscle memory pain. 'cause our muscles basically titan to protect us when we're and fear and it's usually in our shoulders for women right and she'll like poke into your shoulder in it you'll just saab for two hours..

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