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Subaru dot com imagine you get into a car accident you call the insurance company you think that's the right thing to do wrong it's the perfect storm for them to take advantage of you let your insurance companies first call come from attorney sweet James burger eight hundred eighty one twenty twenty one or go to St James dot com KFI money presented by spectrum business the Dow lost one hundred sixteen points as to be down nearly twenty nasdaq down thirty seven and a half gold up four dollars to fourteen twenty seven ounce oil down twenty seven cents to fifty six fifty one of feral switch to spectrum business and get the best internet and voice for business very slow cooling tomorrow a bit more by Friday our lowest temperatures that means low seventies and close to the beaches partly cloudy and low eighties in the valleys highs will immediately start building back up again by the middle of next week valleys will be back into the mid and upper nineties we also have a chance of pop up thunderstorms in the mountains and desert Sunday from Tuesday this is for Coleman with NBC four New right now it's seventy five degrees in Anaheim sixty nine in Newport beach seventy four in west Hollywood eighty two in Pasadena we leave local live from the KFI twenty four hour news room I'm Aaron Bender forty more stimulating talk I'm kind of enjoying this he just a little bit I'm enjoying it right up until I have to go to sleep and then sweating the whole night because it's ninety five degrees outside my window well I guess we were lowland lulled into a false sense of security because we had a relatively mild spring a relatively mild summer and then all.

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